Music is a component in Bee Swarm Simulator. It is heard in the background during gameplay. Certain areas of the map have different songs. Music can be turned on or off in the System Page.

There are 12 songs principally used, all found in Onett's inventory.

Title Length Roblox Library ID Audio Where does it play?
wax 1:24 1479981863
Plays on the Base Grounds and past the Ant Gate. (Does not play during Beesmas, drone plays instead)
bpatrol 1:52 1482721762
Plays anywhere past the Basic Bee Gate.
crawlers 2:29 1598349092
Plays inside the King Beetle Lair, White Tunnel, and in Commando Chick's Hideout.
antmarch1 1:41 1954880569
Plays while performing the Ant Challenge.
starhall 4:31 2062483297
Plays inside the Star Hall (the audio in-game is slowed down).
overflowin4 1:37 2052242315
Plays past the Bear Gate, inside The Computer, and the Windy Bee Gate.
mountaincall 2:36 2281113770
Plays during nighttime.
gbtune1 1:27 2529553350
Plays inside Gummy Bear's Lair, near the Gummy Bee Egg Claim, and near the Gooey Present area.
vendor 1:48 2529614730
Plays inside the Noob Shop, Pro Shop, Mountain Top Shop, Badge Bearer's Guild, Blue HQ, Red HQ, Petal Shop, and in the Blue Maze.
stickbug 1:29 2562631515
Plays during the Stick Bug Challenge.
drone 3:24 2677450793
Plays on the Base Grounds and past the Ant Gate during the Beesmas Event.
hibernation1 3:42 2993535935
Plays inside the secret area below the game.
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