The Mythic Meteor Shower summoner.

A Mythic Meteor Shower is a server-wide event that can be summoned using the Mythic Meteor Shower summoner on top of the Pro Shop by anyone who has discovered at least 3 Mythic bees. It has a cooldown of 22 hours.

When summoned by a player, the distorted voice of IcedTeaLatte says "Mythic Meteors," and a server-wide announcement will state, "☄️️{Username} has summoned a Mythic Meteor Shower!☄️️." Sometimes, a meteor shower is randomly summoned by the server. In this case, a server-wide announcement will state, "☄️️A Mythic Meteor Shower has been summoned!☄️️."

A light purple fog will appear, and meteors will start raining down on 3 random fields. Those that are chosen will have light purple boxes falling from the sky on them (similar to the pollen haze box), indicating that meteors are falling on those fields. The chosen fields change approximately every minute. If the Meteor Shower was activated by a player, the meteors will collect and instantly convert pollen for them. The amounts collected are based on the number of Mythic and Gifted Mythic bees in their hive. The event lasts for 3 minutes and the chosen fields will swap a total of 2 times during that time period.

If the player is not off cooldown, the pad will prompt, "Summon a Mythic Meteor Shower ([time remaining])." If there is a Meteor Shower currently active and the player steps on the pad, whether or not the player is on or off cooldown, it will prompt, "A Meteor Shower is in progress".


When a player stands on the drop zone of a meteor (which is indicated by a purple circle), the reward tokens will be distributed in a line across the field, usually leading to the drop zone of another meteor. The number of tokens per meteor is determined by the number of Mythic bees in the summoner's hive, while the rarity of reward tokens changes with the size of the meteor drop zone (with rarer items tending to be more common the smaller the meteor). Tokens produced by the Meteors can be collected with token links and other means of token collection. The drops are not affected by a player's loot luck.

Sound Effects

The following audios play when a meteor shower is summoned:



  • Similar to a honeystorm, if it changes from day to night or from night to day, the fog will disappear.
  • If you summon a honeystorm during a meteor shower, the purple fog will vanish when the honeystorm ends.
  • Similar to coconuts, meteors dropped by the event will collect tokens produced by the player's bees.
  • Similar to Wild Windy Bee, the quality of its rewards are affected by the law of diminishing marginal utility, meaning that the more times the player has experienced meteor showers in one day, the worse the rewards gradually get throughout the day.
  • This is the only machine that requires the player to discover Mythic bee types to be used, with this requiring 3.
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