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Bubble Bee Man's Naughty List after completing his Beesmas quest.

The Naughty List was a Beesmas 2020 machine that is unlocked after completing Bubble Bee Man's Beesmas quest. It was located on top of the 30 Bee Gate, next to Night Memory Match and Bubble Bee Man.

It can be used to try and kill all the players in the server by summoning falling coal on top of them; this can easily be avoided by getting out of the area (which is marked with a giant green circle) where the coal is going to fall. However, if killed by the coal, the players that died will receive a beequip called Lump of Coal and a buff called Beesmas Repentance, which gives 1.05x Capacity, +1% Bubble Pollen, +1% Blue Pollen, +1% Blue Flower Field Pollen, +1% Pine Tree Forest Pollen, +1% Stump Field Pollen, +1% Movement Collection Pollen, +1% Bee Attack and +1% Loot luck for 2 hours. Players could have used the Naughty List every 8 hours.




  • If a player attempted to use it without completing BBM's quest, it will say, "There aren't any names on the Naughty List. That can't be right..."
  • If you stand on a mob while the coal is falling, it will kill the player and deal 100 damage to the mob.
  • This was originally meant to kill AFK players as Onett stated on Discord.
  • The names that you can see that are stated are: Aardvark Joe, Apple BEe and Applebee's Cofounder 1.
  • The Naughty List has the same longest cooldown for Beesmas 2020, tied with Onett's Lid Art and Gummy Siege.
  • This was the only machine to kill both players and hostile mobs.
  • The Beesmas Repentance Buff does not stack. However, the duration of the buff stacks.
  • After finishing BBM's quest, he said that you can use it every 22 hours. However, you can actually use it every 8 hours.
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