The Noob Shop is a shop that is run by Noob Bear. This shop sells four bags, five pollen collectors, one hat, one pair of boots and one belt. It is located right next to the Dandelion Field.

Outside of the shop, there is a Honey Dispenser, which can only be used by group members of the Bee Swarm Simulator Club.

Onett has not revealed the official name of this shop; it has been named Noob Shop by the players because the bear inside is labelled "Noob Bear". Though, when Mother Bear discussed amulets to the player, she called the shop "Noob Bear's Shop".

Also, the Star Hall lies on top of the Noob Shop after the 7/11 update.

Behind the honey dispenser is a hidden obstacle course. After completing the challenge, one can collect a royal jelly token inside the Noob Shop. This obstacle course also has the Demon Mask shop in it.

Pollen Collectors
Picture Name Pollen Collected Per Second Cost
Scooper Collects 5 Pollen Per Second. 0 Honey
Rake Collects 8 Pollen Per Second. 800 Honey
Clippers Collects 13.85 Pollen Per Second. 2,200 Honey
Magnet Collects 18 Pollen Per Second. 5,500 Honey
Vacuum Collects 26 Pollen Per Second. 14,000 Honey

Picture Name Capacity Cost
Pouch Holds 200 Pollen. 0 Honey
Jar Holds 750 Pollen. 650 Honey
Backpack Holds 3,500 Pollen. 5,500 Honey
Canister Holds 10,000 Pollen. 22,000 Honey

Picture Name Description Cost
Helmet A hard hat that helps prevent head injuries.
  • [Hat]
  • +10% Instant Conversion
  • +25% Damage Reduction
  • +15% Luck
30,000 Honey, 5 Pineapples, 1 Moon Charm
Belt Pocket-0
Belt Pocket Attaches to your waist to expand the size of your container.
  • [Belt]
  • +5,000 Container Space
  • +25% Conversion Rate
14,000 Honey, 10 Sunflower Seeds
Basic Boots
Basic Boots Collect pollen as you walk through flowers!
  • [Boots]
  • +5 Movespeed
  • +2 Movement Collection
4,400 Honey, 3 Sunflower Seeds, 3 Blueberries


  • In the 5/12 update, a strange green gear or cog appeared on top of the shop. Consensus believes this to be a hint for the Promo Code "cog".
  • Out of all the three main shops, this is the only one which doesn't sell a gliding tool.
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