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Obstacle Courses, sometimes referred to as obbies for short, are short platforming challenges. Several of these exist on the main map, each having a reward at the end. Some are easy, while others are challenging. It gives the player something to do and helps them by rewarding the player with several items such as tickets, royal jelly, or even star jelly. There are also obstacle courses that lead to certain masks that the player can purchase.

Mushroom Field Obby

The design of the Mushroom Field obstacle course.

This obstacle course is located in the Mushroom Field. It is the first obstacle course that players can complete. Players do not need anything that will make them jump higher, but the obstacle course would be easier if they do. From the first step of the mushroom to the second step, there is an invisible wall.

On the biggest mushroom, there are a total of three circular pads, two red and one white. After the pads, there are three circles in the air, which are red with white dots representing mushrooms. On the end of the course, there is another mushroom with a royal jelly token on it.

Players can skip this obstacle course with the Parachute/Glider and any method that'll get them high enough in the air, such as the Yellow Cannon.

Commando Chick's Hideout Obby

The location of the Commando Chick's Hideout.

This obstacle course is located between the Blue HQ and the Wealth Clock, the same location where the Golden Present obstacle course was. There is a hole in the wall, with vines blocking the entrance. To pass through, players must use the Clippers, Scissors, or the Scythe to cut the vines down. The vines are then permanently cut down, meaning they do not need to cut the vines again. This obstacle course consists of evenly spaced blocks, gradually getting higher, that the player must jump across to reach the arena.

The Commando Chick's Hideout located past this obstacle course.

When the vines blocking the entrance are being cut down, the following audio plays:

Bamboo Field Obby

The design of the Bamboo Field obstacle course.

This obstacle course is located between the Spider Field and the Bamboo Field. Players need at least 5 bees to get here. Players don't need anything that will make them jump higher to finish the course.

First, there are 9 rocks, alternating between brown and gray. The first three go from the Spider Field to the Bamboo Field, then the next three go in the opposite direction, and then there are three more in the original direction. After those, there are three bamboo sticks, and the royal jelly is on the last stick. The Moon Amulet Generator is also accessible by this obstacle course.

Players can skip this obstacle course with the parachute and any method that'll get the player high enough in the air, such as the Slingshot.

Lava Obby

The design of the Lava Obby.

This obstacle course is hidden behind the Honey Dispenser. After the player enters, there will be green blocks surrounded by lava. If the player touches the lava, they will die instantly. The parachute or Propeller Hat is recommended for this obstacle course. Though, jumping rapidly upon hitting lava can keep you alive. Upon hitting lava, rapidly jump until you can jump on a platform. Then continue with the obby as normal.

The first four blocks are in a straight line. Then, the player will arrive at a split path. If the player keeps going forward, they will find the shop for the Demon Mask. However, the player will need a decent jump power to be able to jump over one of the large ledges. If the player turns left, they come across 6 more blocks with a left turn. They get higher all the way to a small hole at the end, with a royal jelly just inside it. When the player goes through the hole, they end up on top of an awning inside the Noob Shop. The player thus is able to go out from the Noob Shop instead of redoing the obstacle course.

Players can bypass this obstacle course by jumping and gliding from the shelf above the hat and belt to the top of the awning. The player needs a highly enhanced jumping ability to do so (Beekeeper's Boots at minimum, plus bear morph if the player has it), and the player may need the Glider instead of the Parachute.

Alternatively, players can stand on top of Noob Bear's cash register, then hop up onto the awning to collect the royal jelly. The Propeller Hat or the Beekeeper's Boots have enough jump power to allow them to reach the awning.

In the Egg Hunt Event, players could obtain a Plastic Egg token by immediately turning right after entering. This has been replaced by a ticket token yielding 3 tickets.

Cloud Obby

The design of the Cloud obstacle course, behind Polar Bear.

This obby is located in the Honey Bee Gate (15 Bee Gate), starting close to Polar Bear, and ending on the tallest tree in Pine Tree Forest. Players will require the Parachute or Glider to pass it.

To the left of Polar Bear, players should climb the cliffs to the highest one. Using the parachute or glider, they should then make the jump to the next two cliffs. Turn left and jump/glide along the tops of the four clouds. The player will be met with the entrance to the Diamond Room on the last cloud. Next to the last cloud is a pine tree with a royal jelly above it. Players can walk right off the cloud into the royal jelly token to collect it.

Players can bypass this obstacle course with the Parachute/Glider and the Red Cannon. Alternatively, players can skip a variable amount by parachuting/gliding down from the 25 bee zone.

Diamond Room

The Diamond Room is a room located at the close of the Cloud Obby. The room leads to a glitter token, the Diamond Mask and a sky-blue room with 2 moons serving as parkour. The moons will only become solid if the player has a Moon Amulet during nighttime. If the player owns the Diamond Mask, the moons will always be solid.

30 Bee Zone Obby

The 30 Bee Zone obstacle course is located to the right of Onett. This is the last obstacle course that players can reach. During the day the moons leading to on top of the bear gate are slightly invisible and not solid, thus making it inaccessible during the day. If it is night and the player has a Moon Amulet, they can parkour up to the Bear Gate. The moon platforms will lead the player up to Bubble Bee Man. There is also a royal jelly token in front of Bubble Bee Man and an enzymes token with the Night Memory Match on the other side. There used to be a present where the enzymes are. As of the 2019-12-23 update, Onett added more moons to make the obstacle course easier.

Golden Present Obby

The Golden Present obstacle course was located between Blue HQ and the Wealth Clock. To get to this obstacle course, the player must pass the Clover Field and the Honeystorm Summoner. There will be a hole in the wall, which was where the obstacle course is located. This obstacle course consists of evenly spaced blocks that the player must jump across to reach the Golden Present. Behind the present is a gumdrops token which when collected will give 15 gumdrops. This obstacle course has now re-opened for the Egg Hunt Commando Chick's Hideout.

Mythic Present Obby

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The following content has been removed from the game. The contents below may be archival, but feel free to edit below.

The Mythic Present Obstacle Course was located to the left of the Stump Field. To get to this obstacle course, the player must have gone through the Brave Bee Gate and headed to the left of the Stump Field. There would have been a hole in the wall, which is where the obstacle course was located. This obstacle course consisted of many purple balls that the player had to jump across to reach the Mythic Present. At the end of the obstacle course, the Mythic Present will be on a stair-like platform. To the left of the present was a royal jelly token which when collected will gave 1 Royal Jelly. To the right of the Mythic Present was a Micro-Converter token which when collected gave 3 Micro-Converters. If a player were to go out of the map to the place where this obstacle course was during the Beesmas 2019 Event and slide against the wall, the player would die because the floor still kills players. After the Beesmas 2019 event, this area was removed.

This area was brought back on the 12/25/2020 update for Beesmas, but the Mythic Present was replaced with the Purple Gift Box.

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