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Onett's Lid Art after the completion of Onett's Beesmas 2020 quest.

Onett's Lid Art, or Yard Art, was a 2D art located in the Bear Gate next to Onett. It could have been used every 8 hours after completing Onett's Yard Art Quest. If a player had attempted to use the Lid Art before completing his quest, it would have display the message: "This art is missing something... It's not very impactful."


The Lid Art consists of (left to right) Spirit Bear on King Beetle, Black Bear, Mother Bear, Bumble Bee and Stick Bug, and a Basic Bee fence gate. The names are confirmed by Onett so far are: Queen Spirit Bear (Spirit Bear), King Stick Bug (Stick Bug), and King Bumble Bee (Bumble Bee).

Onett's Lid Art before the completion of Onett's Beesmas 2020 quest

After completing Onett's Yard Art Quest, Baby Bee appears in between Black Bear and Mother Bear with a Santa hat on.

Possible drops


  • Originally, the message that would appear if you tried to use Onett's Lid Art before you completed Onett's quest was 'This art isn't as impactful without Baby Bee in the middle...'
  • Onett's Lid Art was tied for the longest cooldown, tied with the Gummy Beacon and the Naughty List.
  • This and the Gummy Beacon were the only ways to have multiple Event bees of the same kind, although only for 30 minutes.
  • This art is a reference to the birth of Jesus.
  • There was a glitch where once the player's extra bees despawn, they end up stuck in midair anywhere on the map.
  • The summoned bees can level up, even if they are not in the player's hive. This could be achieved by Puppy Love or Beesmas Feast.
    • Players can not make the temporary bees level up by feeding them treats, however the summoned bees can level up by other means such as collecting pollen.
  • This was one of the 4 machines that grants the player temporary bees, the others being the Honeyday Candles, the Gummy Beacon and the Honey Wreath (after completing Honey Bee's quest).
  • Sometimes when players look at it from a certain view, some parts of it doesn't show up.
  • Having a Cobalt Bee from the lid art with Crimson Bee in your hive also activates both a red and blue pulse.
  • Bees given by Onett's Lid Art would have been able to attack the mobs the player's actual bees are attacking. e.g. if the player's bees attack the King Beetle, the bees summoned from the Onett's Lid Art will also attack king beetle, same goes for all mobs. However, they cannot convert at the hive.
  • Bees summoned by the lid art may also have been gifted. It is unknown whether they granted a hive bonus or not.
  • If you had looked at the Lid Art from the side, the Baby Bee in the middle disappears.
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