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Not to be confused with presents.

Ornament Presents were presents that sat at different locations around the map during the Beesmas 2019 event. Since the event has ended, they have been removed.

There were 10 different types of Ornament Presents that the player could have opened. In order to open them up, the player would have needed to obtain a certain number of ornaments from NPCs. When an Ornament Present was opened, it dropped various items (in token form) around the present box. Even though their rewards were tokens, the items given could stack past their limits if applicable. Each present could only be opened once.

Appearance Name Location Ornaments Needed Rewards
Colourfulpresent.png Colorful Present Between the Red HQ and the Windy Bee Gate. 3
Goldenpresent.png Golden Present Inside the Golden Present obby between the Blue HQ and the Wealth Clock. 4
Funkypresent.png Funky Present On top of the Blue HQ. 5
Starrypresent.png Starry Present On the ledge left of the Pine Tree Forest. 6
Gooeypresent.png Gooey Present Past a wide ledge behind the Gummy Bee Egg Claim. 7
Festivepresent.png Festive Present Next to Bee Bear and in front of the Dandelion Field. 8
Mythicpresent.png Mythic Present Inside the Mythic Present obby between the Stump Field and the largest pineapple. 9
Shadypresent.png Shady Present On top of the Pro Shop. 10
Pearlypresent.png Pearly Present On the ledge to the right of the Windy Bee Gate. 11
Mondopresent.png Mondo Present On top of the Mountain Top Shop. 12
  • 48 Hours (2 Days) of Honeyday Event
  • 2x Mythic Eggs
  • 6x Atomic Treats
  • 2x Gifted Gold Eggs
  • 2x Gifted Diamond Eggs
  • 6x Festive Beans


  • A token that gave 15 gumdrops was located behind the Golden Present.
  • Tokens that gave 1 royal jelly and 3 micro-converters were each next to the Mythic Present.
  • If some tokens weren't collected from an Ornament Present, the items from the tokens would immediately go to the player's inventory upon despawning.
  • The Golden Present's room has been replaced and reused as Commando Chick's Hideout.
  • The Gooey Present's room can still be found behind the Gummy Bee Egg Claim. The Mythic Present's room, located to the left of the Stump Field, could have also been found until a few months later, when it was removed.
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