Petal Wand
Petal Wand.png
Price 1 Spirit Petal, 10 Star Jellies, 25 Glitter, 75 Enzymes, 1,500,000,000 Honey
Shop Petal Shop
Pollen Collection
Range 37 Flowers
Collecting Pattern Flower
Collecting Time 0.7
Base Collection 5
Flowers Single Double Triple Large Star
White 8 16 24 32 40
Red 8 16 24 32 40
Blue 8 16 24 32 40
Special Multiplier(s): 60% Pollen Multiplier

The Petal Wand is a tool that can be crafted in the Petal Shop for 1,500,000,000 (1.5 billion) honey, 10 star jellies, 25 glitter, 75 enzymes, and 1 spirit petal.

It collects 5 pollen from 37 patches in 0.7 seconds. It has an average base pollen collection rate of 422.85 pollen per second. It emits a yellow particle effect at the top of the tool.

Every 3rd swing, it fires a Petal Shuriken that causes bees to instantly convert pollen if it touches their hitbox. The shuriken instantly converts 10,000 + 7% of the bees' convert amount in pollen to honey. Shurikens can also pop bubbles and collect fuzz bombs.

Sound effect


  • It takes 1 spirit petal, 55 magic beans, 3,750 pineapples, 1,375 moon charms, and 1,750 royal jellies, as well as the crafting time, to craft the Petal Wand.
  • It is the only tool with an ability that doesn't collect extra pollen. Instead, it instantly converts pollen to honey.
  • This is the only tool in the game to require crafting materials.
  • When the petal shuriken hits bees, it emits either a yellow or purple bubble.
  • The Petal Wand can launch its shurikens even while the player isn't in a field.
    • This can be used to spend less time at the hive when converting honey.
  • The Petal Wand is the only tool to be held by a bear, specifically Spirit Bear.
    • The version held by Spirit Bear is much bigger than a player's.
  • After the shuriken comes in contact with one of the player's bees, the sound effect changes. This also increases in pitch with every consecutive bee.
  • The Petal Wand is the best and final tool in the game as it collects more pollen than the Porcelain Dipper and boosts all pollen types by 60%.
  • Currently The Petal Wand is the only item you can use on your bees while converting at your hive to speed up the process.
  • The Petal Wand is the only upper tier collector without an ability to collect more pollen such as the ability from the Porcelain Dipper.

A petal shuriken in action.

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