Pollen is the secondary currency of Bee Swarm Simulator.



Pollen is mainly used for converting into honey at your hive. This is one of the most common ways to get honey.

Obtaining Pollen

Pollen can be obtained by using pollen collectors (by tapping/clicking) on flowers, or when bees use certain abilities or collect it themselves. Flowers have different sizes, and different colors. Some quests give a specific color of pollen from a specific color of the flower.

Pollen amount per flower

In order to get bigger amounts of pollen per collection, collect the biggest flowers on the field. The bigger the flower, the bigger amount of pollen to get. There are 3 different flower sizes: Small, Medium and Large.

Flower size Small Medium Large
Amount per individual collection 1 2 3
Total amount of Pollen 30 90 180

These are the lowest possible amounts to collect pollen from the field. Collection amount can be increased using better pollen collectors; either collecting on a big area or collecting with multipliers (for example, the Scythe and the Bubble Wand each triple collection of red and blue pollen, respectively), collecting multiple ability tokens, Field Boosters, Badges, using few game mechanics, expanding the hive, buying a x2 Bee Pollen Gamepass, and increasing the pollen-collecting storage.