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Not to be confused with Ornament Presents.

A Present was an inventory item associated with Beesmas. Presents were awarded by Bee Bear, Onett, and the code "ByeBeeBear" (expired). After the 4/5/2019 update, players cannot obtain nor use presents. 

If the player gave a present to any NPC other than Honey Bee (NPC), Gummy Bear, Sun Bear, Spirit Bear, and Bee Bear in-game, they received a prize depending on the NPC. Players could only give ONE present per NPC. To give a present to an NPC, the player would need to talk to the quest giver of their choice when they have a present in their inventory. The player would have gotten a special dialogue before the usual dialogues. If the player did not have a present, nothing out of the ordinary would have happened.

During the special dialogue, a prompt would pop up, and there were two choices:

  • Give Present to [NPC] - A present would be used. Another special dialogue would occur and the player would get rewards after talking. Dialogue returned to normal on future visits.
  • Talk to [NPC] - This continued the normal dialogue for the NPC.

If the present that was given to the NPC was not intended, rejoining the server would have escaped the dialogue.

Token Locations

Not only could presents be awarded by Bee Bear and Onett, but they could also be obtained by finding present tokens that could be found around the map in different places.


NPC Dialogue
Brown Bear Before giving him a present:

"What's up, bud?"

After giving him a present:

"Ah, of course! Time to exchange some Beemas gifts."

"Let me see what you got me this year..."

"Whoa! A 1 year subscription to Bearmazon Prime!"

"I'll get so much out of this, you have NO idea!"

"Thanks buddy. Here's a little something I know you'll love as well."

Panda Bear Before giving him a present:


After giving him a present:

"Oh yeah, Beesmas."

"What've you got here."


"WOW, an automatic monster respawn timer!"

"Sends a notification every time the Werewolf respawns."

"That's a Beesmas gift I'll actually use."

"Thanks, I appreciate it. Oh, and here's something for you."

"Now let's get back to work. The bugs don't break for Beesmas."

Black Bear Before giving him a present:

"Oh, hello there!"

After giving him a present:

"For me? You shouldn't have!

Let's see what it is...

Oh, a jar of honey imported from the tropics!

I can taste distinct notes of banana and mango. Delicious! You know me too well.

I've got you a little something as well.

Merry Beemas!" [sic]

Science Bear Before giving him a present:

"Enjoying the lights I strung up?"

After giving him a present:

"Ah yes, a Beesmas Gift!"

"I'll have you know I'm hard to impress. "

"Let's see... "

"Oh! A textbook documenting rare, peculiar, and endangered languages!"

"Oh look, unspoken language too: smoke signals, sign language, Silbo Gomero..."

"This may offer some valuable insights that'll help forward my Translator project!"

"Thank you very much. And here's something for you too, of course! "

Polar Bear Before giving him a present:

"My cousin's something else, isn't he?"

After giving him a present:

"Look, I love the winter. Cool and comfortable.

But don't get me started on Beesmas.

If you grew up with up my family, you'd be sick of it too.

Bee Bear's not magical. He's a polar bear in a bee suit.

But he brings me something delicious every year, so I can't complain.

What did he whip up this time?

Oooh yeahh! A 12 pack of frozen truffle and sharp cheddar mac-and-cheese meals!

I'll heat some up right now, you and your bees have to try this. It's my favorite.

...(beep beep)...



Mmmmm, delicious!

Everyone's got their quirks, you know?

At the end of the day, Bee Bear is still a nice guy.

Here, I've prepared something special for you too.

Happy Honeydays!"

Mother Bear Before giving her a present:

"There is nothing more magical than Beesmas!"

After giving her a present:

"Ooooh! What a wonderful surprise!

What could it possibly be?

Aww! A lovely framed photo of me and my cubs. How incredibly sweet of you!

Well now, I've got something for you as well.

You didn't expect me to forget my favorite beekeeper on Beesmas, did you?"

Onett Before giving him a present:

"The heck is Beesmas?

A friend of mine on Roblox named Younite messaged me a few weeks ago,

His friend Mah_Bucket has apparently been hosting a bee-themed Christmas event on Roblox for years!

I couldn't say no! Seriously, it's called "Beemas" and just look at this game.

And when they showed me Bubble Bee Man I was in awe.

But I don't have a good track record with getting out fast updates... I'm already late...

It was only recently that I realized I've been twisting this lid the wrong way for months.

So here we are, hope this cuts it for now.

I'll need to do something again next week to close out the holidays."

After giving him a present:

"Ooooo I wonder what this could be! lol

Wow! A hastily drawn icon of a Christmas present!

Thanks a lot. But you know what I really want?

To go on vacation in January and not think about bees for a whole month.

I’ve got some more lid-related things to attend to first.

Here’s your secret reward for gifting a [Present] to me!"

Gifted Riley Bee Before giving it a present:

"Can't stand this cold!

You know us here at the Red HQ - we're all about that HEAT!

But you know what, I'd be lying if I said it didn't look pretty."

After giving it a present:

"GET OUT!!!!!!

Awee, see, I was right when I took you to be a fine beekeeper.

And a good person too!

So what'd you get me??


RIGHT ON! It's a strawberry scented air freshener!

The kind you hang on the reer[sic] view mirror of a car

I don't have a car, and I can't smell it very well out here...


Here, here - this is for you. MERRY BEESMAS from the Red Bees at the Red Headquarters!"

Gifted Bucko Bee Before giving him a present:

"The cool, calm spirit of winter of reflects the nature of us blue bees. Still yet thoughtful. Calm and steady. That's what gives us our edge."

After giving it a present:

"Hah hah, of course you'd do this.

Surprise me with a Present out of the blue!

You're a stand up beekeeper, you know that?

Let me just open this thing up...

...(krumple krumple)...

Nice! Some tickets to see the Blue Bee Group in Vegas.

Not sure how I'll get there or when I'll find the time to go,

But it doesn't look like they expire.

Now's your turn! A little something from all us Blue Bees at the HQ."

Stick Bug Before giving it a present:

"Beesmas is just another day.

Like any other day, it's a day to boogie.

Holidays come and go.

They blow past me like leaves in the wind until they crumble away.

But me and my nymphs, we've been dancing forever.

Heh heh."

After giving it a present:

"You're full of suprises, flesh-bug.

Let's take a look in the box.

A reel-to-reel machine? How did you fit this in there?

Very cool. Let me set this up.


Now let's give it a whirl."


  • After giving a recipient their present, they were not able to receive another one. This prevents farming tickets, star jellies, treats, and other items.
  • Honey Bee (NPC), Bee Bear, and Bubble Bee Man were the only quest givers that could not given presents, as Spirit Bear was not in the game at that time.
  • Stick Bug, Gifted Riley Bee, and Gifted Bucko Bee required a translator before giving them a present.
  • Onett could not be given a present immediately as he required the completion of the Star Journey questline to claim the reward.
  • On Christmas, Onett gave players a free present along with other prizes. The present was able to be obtained any day until the 2x event ended. To receive the gift, the player had to claim a hive during the 2x event.
  • There were 11 presents in total: 6 from Bee Bear, 3 from locations, 1 from Onett from the Beesmas 2x event, and one from the code "ByeBeeBear" (Expired). However, only 10 presents could have been used.
  • Onett is the only NPC who could be given a present to that was also on Bee Bear's "naughty" list.
  • Stick Bug was the only NPC who doesn't give any field boosts when given a present.
  • After the 4/5/2019 update, any present that was still in a player's inventory disappeared. 
  • When the Beesmas event ended, the present token in the 30 Bee Zone was replaced by an enzyme token. 
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