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The present icon.

Not to be confused with Ornament Presents.

A Present is an inventory item that appeared in Beesmas 2018 and 2020. Presents can be given to most NPCs in-game. When given, in return, the player would receive various prizes from the NPC. Only one present can be given per NPC.

To give a present, the player needs to talk to an NPC of their choice. Special dialogue will appear, allowing the player to give the present. If the player did not have a present in their inventory, normal dialogue would appear without anything occurring.

Beesmas 2020

Presents returned in Beesmas 2020. Presents functioned the same from Beesmas 2018, with additional NPCs able to receive presents. Delivering presents are needed to obtain ornaments from NPCs, and they will be needed to be delivered to do quests from Bee Bear.

Ways to obtain:


NPC Rewards
Black Bear Honey Jar Ornament:
  • +25% Convert Rate
  • +25% Sunflower Field Capacity
  • +5% Honey Per Pollen

x3 Sunflower Field Boost
1x Royal Jelly
1x Glitter

Mother Bear Stuffed Heart Ornament:
  • +25% Convert Rate
  • +25% Strawberry Field Capacity
  • +10% Pollen From Bees

x3 Dandelion Field Boost
1x Oil
1x Gingerbread Bear

Brown Bear Royal Jelly Ornament:
  • +25% Convert Rate
  • +25% Clover Field Capacity
  • +20% Bomb Pollen

x3 Clover Field Boost
5x Ticket
1x Royal Jelly

Panda Bear Boxing Glove Ornament:
  • +25% Convert Rate
  • +25% Bamboo Field Capacity
  • +5% Bee Attack

x3 Bamboo Field Boost
1x Blue Extract
1x Ant Pass

Science Bear Conical Flask Ornament:
  • +25% Convert Rate
  • +25% Pineapple Patch Capacity
  • +25% Convert Rate At Hive

x3 Pineapple Patch Boost
25x Gumdrops
10x Neonberry

Polar Bear Cast Iron Skillet Ornament:
  • +25% Convert Rate
  • +25% Pumpkin Patch Capacity
  • +10% White Field Capacity

x3 Pumpkin Patch Boost
2x Gingerbread Bear
1x Enzymes

Onett Candy Cane Reindeer Ornament:
  • +25% Convert Rate
  • +25% Mountain Top Field Capacity
  • +20% Pollen From Tools

x3 Mountain Top Field Boost
Super Smoothie buff
3x Gingerbread Bear
3x Jelly Beans
1x Glue

Spirit Bear Memory Match Champ Ornament:
  • +25% Convert Rate
  • +25% Dandelion Field Capacity
  • +25% Stump Field Capacity
  • +5% Bee Ability Pollen

Summons a Snowstorm
25x Snowflake
3x Glitter

Gifted Bucko Bee Snowman Ornament:
  • +25% Convert Rate
  • +25% Blue Flower Field Capacity
  • +25% Pine Tree Forest Capacity
  • +10% Blue Field Capacity

x3 Blue Flower Field Boost
25x Snowflake
2x Magic Bean
3x Blue Extract

Gifted Riley Bee Electric Candle Ornament:
  • +25% Convert Rate
  • +25% Rose Field Capacity
  • +25% Mushroom Field Capacity
  • +10% Pollen from Flames

x3 Rose Field Boost
Red Extract Boost
3x Gingerbread Bear
1x Swirled Wax
3x Red Extract

Stick Bug Partridge In A Stick Bug Ornament:
  • +25% Convert Rate
  • +25% Cactus Field Capacity
  • +25% Pepper Patch Capacity
  • +5% Pollen

Starts the Stick Bug Challenge.

Honey Bee Bag Of Honey Ornament:
  • +10% Convert Rate
  • +10% Capacity
  • +5% Mark Duration
  • +10% Honey From Tokens

x3 Pine Tree Forest Boost
x2 Convert Rate (1 hour)
3x Gingerbread Bear
5x Micro Converter
1x Honey Bee Jelly

Gummy Bear Gummy Globe Ornament
  • +10% Capacity
  • +25% Coconut Field Capacity
  • +10% Goo
  • +1% Critical Chance

x3 Coconut Field Boost

10x Purple Potion
50x Neonberry
150x Gumdrops

Bubble Bee Man Bread Climp Ornament
  • +10% Capacity
  • +25% Spider Field Capacity
  • +10% Bubble Pollen
  • +10% Instant Bee Gather Conversion

x3 Mushroom Field Boost
x3 Spider Field Boost
x3 Cactus Field Boost
6x Box-O-Frogs
1x Tadpole Bee Egg


NPC Dialogue
Black Bear Oh, hello there!

-Present Given-

A present for me? How thoughtful! I wonder what it could be... ...(krumple krumple)... Oh, an electric honeypot warmer! This'll help keep my honey at the ideal temperature for tasting subtle flavors. I can't wait to try it out! You know me so well. I've got you some gifts as well! Including the [Honey Jar Ornament]! With this on the Beesmas Tree, you'll receive the following boosts: +25% Convert Rate; +25% Capacity in the Sunflower Field; and +5% Honey Per Pollen! Happy honeymaking, and Merry Beesmas!

Mother Bear The Honeydays bring the bees so much joy!

-Present Given-

What's this! Oooh you shouldn't have! Now let's see what you got me. ...(krumple krumple)... Aww! A Tabby Bee plushie! How purrfectly adorable! This'll keep me company while my cubs are away. Now for your gifts! A [Gingerbread Bear], a jar of [Oil]... And the [Stuffed Heart Ornament]! How fitting! With this on the tree, you'll receive the following boosts: +25% Convert Rate; +25% Capacity in the Strawberry Field; And 10% Pollen from Bees! It's no Tabby Bee plushie, but it's still cute!

1x oil 1x Gingerbread Bear

Brown Bear Man, it's cold!

-Present Given-

But not too cold for us to exchange gifts! So what is it, huh? What'd you get ol' Brown Bear? Whoa! A 1 year subscription to Bearmazon Prime! I'll get so much out of this, you have NO idea! Thanks bud. Now look at what I got you, including the [Royal Jelly Ornament]! With that on the Beesmas Tree, you'll receive the following boosts: +25% Convert Rate; +25% Capacity in the Clover Field; And +20% Pollen from "Bomb" abilities! Happy Beesmas!

Panda Bear Hmm...

-Present Given-

A gift? Oh, that's kind of you. I'll open it now. ...(krumple krumple)... WHOA! A bamboo pull-up bar! This'll help me work on my back muscles. Well, I can't take something without giving you something too. I got you a few gifts, including the [Boxing Glove Ornament]. With that on the tree, you'll receive the following boosts: +25% Convert Rate; +25% Capacity in the Bamboo Field; And +5% Bee Attack Power! Stay safe out there, and Merry Beesmas.

Science Bear Beesmas is amazing! But it sure keeps us busy.

-Present Given-

Oh, of course! Time to exchange our gifts. Let's see what you've brought me... Fascinating! A BI-84 scientific calculator! These reliable devices are the standard for universities. Despite being unchanged for over 15 years, they still sell for their original price! Anyways, now for your gifts! Some [Gumdrops], [Neonberries]... And the [Conical Flask] ornament! With that one on the Beesmas Tree, you'll receive the following boosts: +25% Convert Rate; +25% Capacity in the Pineapple Patch; And +25% Convert Rate at the Hive! That ought to help make this Beesmas productive. Thanks again for all your help. Happy Honeydays!

Polar Bear I'm just happy it's Winter.

-Present Given-

My cousin Bee Bear's identity is centered around Beesmas. At first our family thought it was weird, but we've become supportive over the years. Beesmas brings Bee Bear joy and gives him a sense of purpose. Who are we to judge? We all have our quirks. Me, I'm obsessed with cooking. So I hope you brought a cooking related gift! Come on, let me see what you brought. ...(krumple krumple)... Niiiice! A pressure cooker! I've been wanting one of these for ages. For some dishes, this can cut cooking times in half. Now for your gift! Some [Enzymes], [Gingerbread Bears]... And the [Cast Iron Skillet] Ornament! With this on the tree, you'll receive the following boosts: +25% Convert Rate; +25% Capacity in the Pumpkin Patch; And +10% White Field Capacity! Well, good luck on the rest of your Bee Bear quests. Happy honeydays!

Onett 🎵Walking in a winter wonderlaaand... (Sigh)

-Present Given-

Well, it's Beesmas again! We do it every year now. You know, Beesmas isn't originally a Bee Swarm thing. It was started out by Mah_Bucket and zKevin, out of their love for Bubble Bee Man presumably. Bee Swarm Simulator was involved in their 2018 Beesmas event. After that, it sort of became part of the Bee Swarm Sim lore too. It's convenient, because it references a real holiday without being too specific. For example, it doesn't matter if we celebrate Beesmas after the real Christmas. I mean, whose to say Beesmas doesn't actually take place in February, right? Hmm... Yeah OK... Anyways, what did you and Bee Bear bring me this year? ...(krumple krumple)... Wow! A whole basket of Korean skin care products! As I get older, skin care becomes more and more important. This is perfect! Remember to always wear sunscreen, even in the dead of winter. OK, now your gifts. The [Candy Cane Reindeer Ornament]! And some less important stuff. With that on the Beesmas Tree, you'll receive these boosts: +25% Convert Rate; +25% Capacity on the Mountain Top Field; and +20% Pollen from Tools! Keep collecting [Ornaments] to get the most out of this year's Honeyday event! Now I'll get back to singing while you get back to making honey. Merry Beesmas!

Spirit Bear Mmmm...mhmm...(she's murmuring to herself with her eyes close)...

-Present Given-

I've been counting [Snowflakes] all day as they fall onto the fields. (Yawn). Oh, it's quite hypnotic! I keep losing count because, well, it's like counting sheep. At one point, though, I counted. What was it... Over 50 [Snowflakes]? I lost count that time because of a Snow Storm. I mean, I can't keep up with that. ... Snow everywhere, like frosting on our Beesmas cake! Decorated with all those delightful contraptions this year. Like that wreath. Hehehh, Black Bear, bless his heart. Look at that Honey Wreath. I won't say more... Oh but Mother Bear's Gingerbread House! Oh, I like that one. ...(she's staring into the distance)... Is that a [Snowflake]? Or... Hmm. I'm tired of counting. I'm bored now. Why bother with something so mundane, in the most exciting time of the year! Bee Bear, oh that precious fool. Don't tell him I called him a fool. Not that he would mind. To think that we mere mortal bears could offend a honeyday deity. Anyways, that sweet, jovial bear, he brightens up the entire mountain in the darkest days of the year. How did we even make it through the winters before him? Well, I mean, I do remember... It wasn't so bad. We just celebrated, we just didn't focus so much on the bees. Not that you bees don't deserve it! Bee Bear is completely right about that. We celebrated the passing of the year in a more general sense. We still ate a lot of the same food, did similar customs, it just felt a little more... off the cusp. We still put ornaments on a tree, you see, we just didn't have a special name for it. Or did we? Hmmm... Was it... Oh, like I'll ever remember. Mother always had a tree, and we dolled it up for winter. Left it up much longer than we probably should have, we were never... punctual. But it was always so, so full of ornaments! Everyone was jealous of our tree. Perhaps the only time our hoarding tendencies were a source of envy. Hah! And things really took off as Beesmas became more and more of a thing. Mother couldn't help herself, any time she saw an ornament on sale. Mmhmm. And some of those - completely unnecessary, Mother. The only thing more imposing than our tree was the size of our debt. How did we even get approved for so many credit cards? Yaach... But it was worth it. You can't put a price on Beesmas Magic. Well, you can, sort of. Just take a look on Bee Bear's Catalog. But you understand what I mean. Those debts are long gone, and here I am countless years later and still reminiscing about our trees. Mother's taste for ornaments - they were well considered. ...(she's staring off into the distance)... ...31... Or was it? Drats. I've lost count again. I can't help myself! I just see the [Snowflakes] and I just start... But it's too hard! And it's boring. Let's do something else. What have you come to see me about, anyhow, dear? What's that you're holding - it's for me? Oh! A gift! Will you open it for Spirit Bear? My hands are full, you know. And sore. ...(You open the present for Spirit Bear)... ...(krumple krumple)... Oh no! Oh no no no! This - this is just too much! It's a Baby [you know who] Ornament! From the outer space show! Everyone's favorite little green alien, the tiny space wizard, in a replica of his floating crib. It's so cute I could cry! Thank you, dear, thank you! This is going on the top of my tree next year, the very top is where little [alien wizard] belongs. ... ..(she's staring off into the distance)... Mmhmm, the very top. ... OK, goodbye now. ... Oh! YOUR gift! Yes yes I have one for you! A few things, actually. Including my [Memory Match Ornament]! With that on the tree, well, I don't quite recall what it does. You can check the tree yourself. (Yawn). First, why not check out that strange [Snowflake] in the Dandelion Field. Merry Beesmas, dear!

Honey Bee Bzz zzz zzuh...

-Present Given-

Bzzz buz ZZ! ZZZZZ BZZ BZZZZ!!! ...(krumple krumple)... (You open up the [Present] for Honey Bee) (The box is filled to the brim with honey) BUZZZZZZZUH BZZZZZZZ! Bzz zz zz! (Honey Bee's eye open wide with joy) (You can tell it's very grateful) Bzzzz zzz buzz bz BUZ zz. (Honey Bee pulls out a plastic bag full of honey) (Inside floats a crude plastic figurine of Honey Bee) Zzzz! (You can sense that with this on the Beesmas Tree, you'll receive these boosts:) (+10% Convert Rate) (+10% Capacity) (+5% Mark Duration) (And +10% Honey From Tokens) Bzz zuh Buzz buzz BuzzZuhz (Honey Bee smiles warmly)

Gifted Bucko Bee

I'm just happy it's Winter.

-Present Given-

Wait, don't tell me you've brought a [Present]? Of all the beekeepers I've met, you really are the coolest! One second, let me just try to unwrap this with my wings somehow... ...(krumple krumple)... Oh, it's a [Snow Tiara] Beequip! Well, this is a little awkward... Bucko Bees can't equip [Snow Tiaras]. But don't worry. I've got plenty of blue bee friends here at the HQ who will make great use out of this! Thanks! And now some gifts for you, including the [Snowman Ornament]! With that on the Beesmas Tree, you'll receive the following boosts: (+25% Convert Rate) (+25% Capacity in the Blue Flower Field and Pine Tree Forest) and (+10% Blue Field Capacity!) Hope that helps! Merry blue Beesmas!

Gifted Riley Bee

Bucko Bee better not use that Snow Machine! It's TOO DANG COLD!

-Present Given-

NUH-UH! You didn't! You DID! Let me open it, let me open it! ...(krumple krumple)... OH. MY. GOSH! It's a bPad Air!, 4th generation!!! The newest model! Bubble Bee Man must have gotten my letter this year. He went all out! I can use this to play ROBLOX, and Bee Swarm Simulator! Man, now I feel silly. I got you a gift too, but it's not even in the same league. Hope you'll like it anyways. It includes the [Electric Candle Ornament]! With that on the Beesmas Tree, you'll receive these boosts: (+25% Convert Rate) (+25% Capacity in the Rose and Mushroom Forest) and (+10% Pollen from Flames!) Merry Beesmas! Now if you'll excuse me, I've gotta set up my bPad, oh boy oh boy.

Stick Bug You beekeepers are funny with your seasonal traditions.

-Present Given-

If you're having a tough year, remember things'll get better. Life is full of ups and downs. It's a bumpy ride, just gotta hang on tight. So, what did you bring me? ...(krumple krumple)... Hah! It's a wind-up "Get Stick Bugged" figurine. Yeah, of course I like that meme. Feels good to force even the non-beekeepers to hear my song when they least expect it. Speaking of, you better put this [Ornament] on the tree fast.

Gummy Bear A beekeeper approaches, Gummy Bee!

-If the player does not meet the requirements-

A box wrapped in colorful paper... a gift? You believe you're worthy of exchanging gifts with US? HAH We do not accept trifles from lowly MEATY FEET creatures. Prove yourself and we may reconsider.

-Present Given-

What is that in your two hands, Gummy Soldier? A customary delivery... A gesture of GOO-d will. Gummy Bee and I will permit you to open it for us. ...(krumple krumple)... OH! You've brought live ammunition. A case of hand GOO-nades! How EXPLOSIVELY sweet. I will put these to good use gumming up a village or two. KABOOM! In exchange, my gooey grunt, I give you this: The [Gummy Globe Ornament]! Let it serve as a constant reminder that better days WILL COME. And the unbearably bitter and salty status of all worlds will give way to a SWEET future. ALL worlds will be GOOnited when Gummy Bee and I are through. And with that ornament on your wooden plant, you'll receive the following boosts to aid in our GOO CRUCADE. +10% Capacity +25% Coconut Field Capacity +1% Critical Chance And +10% Goo! Now go GOO UP the pathetic Beesmas festivities once and for all!

Bubble Bee Man Err... um..

-Present Given-

Look, I'll ONLY take this if you've already given one to everyone else. Like, the whole point of Beesmas is that I'm giving gifts to others... Err.. Well, I'm using other people, to give gifts to the bees. No... I'm... I'm not using anyone, it's not like that. Bee Bear and I have a job (?) Basically, get other people to give gifts to eachother [sic](??) That's the "spirit" of Beesmas. Right? Right? Right? Uhh... Oh.. you did give a [Present] to everyone else? OK fine. I'll take this one then. ...(krumple krumple)... What is... is this a joke? Do you think this is funny? Is Beesmas some sort of joke to you? Look - we don't have to agree on everything, but Beesmas is like, my beliefs OK? And we are all entitled to our own beliefs, and we should all respect one another. Like, why would you even give this to me? Seriously, are you daft? Stuff like this is why you're on the Naughty List. Just... just take your rewards and get out of here. I would say Merry Beesmas, but why bother? ... Sorry... I guess I... overreacted a little... But, umm... Let's just leave it at that.

Beesmas 2018

Waving-hand-sign 1f44b.png This piece of content goes bye bye.

The following content has been removed from the game. The contents below may be archival, but feel free to edit below.

In Beesmas 2018, presents were awarded by Bee Bear, Onett, and the code "ByeBeeBear" (expired). After the 4/5/2019 update, players could not obtain or use presents. The player could not give a present to Bee Bear or Bubble Bee Man, or Honey Bee (NPC), Gummy Bear, Sun Bear, and Spirit Bear as they were not in-game at the time.

Token Locations


NPC Dialogue
Black Bear Oh, hello there!

-Present Given-

For me? You shouldn't have! Let's see what it is... Oh, a jar of honey imported from the tropics! I can taste distinct notes of banana and mango. Delicious! You know me too well. I've got you a little something as well. Merry Beemas!" [sic]

Brown Bear What's up, bud?

-Present Given-

Ah, of course! Time to exchange some Beesmas gifts. Let me see what you got me this year... Whoa! A 1 year subscription to Bearmazon Prime! I'll get so much out of this, you have NO idea! Thanks buddy. Here's a little something I know you'll love as well.

Mother Bear There is nothing more magical than Beesmas!

-Present Given-

Ooooh! What a wonderful surprise! What could it possibly be? Aww! A lovely framed photo of me and my cubs. How incredibly sweet of you! Well now, I've got something for you as well. You didn't expect me to forget my favorite beekeeper on Beesmas, did you?

Panda Bear What?

-Present Given-

Oh yeah, Beesmas. What've you got here. ... WOW, an automatic monster respawn timer! Sends a notification every time the Werewolf respawns. That's a Beesmas gift I'll actually use. Thanks, I appreciate it. Oh, and here's something for you. Now let's get back to work. The bugs don't break for Beesmas.

Science Bear Enjoying the lights I strung up?

-Present Given-

Ah yes, a Beesmas Gift! I'll have you know I'm hard to impress. Let's see... Oh! A textbook documenting rare, peculiar, and endangered languages! Oh look, unspoken language too: smoke signals, sign language, Silbo Gomero... This may offer some valuable insights that'll help forward my Translator project! Thank you very much. And here's something for you too, of course!

Polar Bear My cousin's something else, isn't he?

-Present Given-

Look, I love the winter. Cool and comfortable. But don't get me started on Beesmas. If you grew up with up my family, you'd be sick of it too. Bee Bear's not magical. He's a polar bear in a bee suit. But he brings me something delicious every year, so I can't complain. What did he whip up this time? Oooh yeahh! A 12 pack of frozen truffle and sharp cheddar mac-and-cheese meals! I'll heat some up right now, you and your bees have to try this. It's my favorite. ...(beep beep)... ...(szzzzzzzzzzz)... ...(DING)... Mmmmm, delicious! Everyone's got their quirks, you know. At the end of the day, Bee Bear is still a nice guy. Here, I've prepared something special for you too. Happy Honeydays!

Onett The heck is Beesmas? A friend of mine on Roblox named Younite messaged me a few weeks ago, His friend Mah_Bucket has apparently been hosting a bee-themed Christmas event on Roblox for years! I couldn't say no! Seriously, it's called "Beesmas" and just look at this game. And when they showed me Bubble Bee Man I was in awe. But I don't have a good track record with getting out fast updates... I'm already late... It was only recently that I realized I've been twisting this lid the wrong way for months. So here we are, hope this cuts it for now. I'll need to do something again next week to close out the holidays.

-Present Given-

Ooooo I wonder what this could be! lol Wow! A hastily drawn icon of a Christmas present! Thanks a lot. But you know what I really want? To go on vacation in January and not think about bees for a whole month. I’ve got some more lid-related things to attend to first. Here’s your secret reward for gifting a [Present] to me!"

Gifted Riley Bee Can't stand this cold! You know us here at the Red HQ - we're all about that HEAT! But you know what, I'd be lying if I said it didn't look pretty.

-Present Given-

GET OUT!!!!!! Awee, see, I was right when I took you to be a fine beekeeper. And a good person too! So what'd you get me?? ... RIGHT ON! It's a strawberry scented air freshener! The kind you hang on the reer [sic] view mirror of a car. I don't have a car, and I can't smell it very well out here... BUT I LOVE IT! Here, here - this is for you. MERRY BEESMAS from the Red Bees at the Red Headquarters!

Gifted Bucko Bee The cool, calm spirit of winter of reflects the nature of us blue bees. Still yet thoughtful. Calm and steady. That's what gives us our edge.

-Present Given-

Hah hah, of course you'd do this. Surprise me with a Present out of the blue! You're a stand up beekeeper, you know that? Let me just open this thing up... ...(krumple krumple)... Nice! Some tickets to see the Blue Bee Group in Vegas. Not sure how I'll get there or when I'll find the time to go, But it doesn't look like they expire. Now's your turn! A little something from all us Blue Bees at the HQ.

Stick Bug Beesmas is just another day. Like any other day, it's a day to boogie. Holidays come and go. They blow past me like leaves in the wind until they crumble away. But me and my nymphs, we've been dancing forever. Heh heh.

-Present Given-

You're full of surprises, flesh-bug. Let's take a look in the box. A reel-to-reel machine? How did you fit this in there? Very cool. Let me set this up. ... Now let's give it a whirl.


  • Stick Bug, Gifted Riley Bee, and Gifted Bucko Bee require a translator before giving them a present.
  • Onett could not be given a present immediately as he required the completion of the Star Journey questline to claim the reward.
  • On Christmas, Onett gave players a free present along with other prizes. The present was able to be obtained any day until the x2 event ended. To receive the gift, the player had to claim a hive during the 2x event.
  • There were 11 presents in Beesmas 2018: 6 from Bee Bear, 3 from locations, 1 from Onett from the Beesmas x2 event, and 1 from the code "ByeBeeBear" (Expired). However, only 10 presents could have been used.
  • Stick Bug was the only NPC who doesn't give any field boosts when given a present.
  • When the Beesmas 2018 event ended, the present token in the 30 Bee Zone was replaced by an enzymes token. 
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