The Pro Shop, or the Parachute Shop, is a shop located past the Brave Bee Gate, next to the Pineapple Patch. The Mythic Meteor Shower Summoner is also on top of the shop.

This shop sells four bags, five tools, four guards, a hat, a belt, a pair of boots, and the Parachute.

As with the Noob Shop, the game does not explicitly name the shop. However, the bear who runs the shop is named "Pro Bear". Given that, the community has named the shop as such.

Item Cost Description
40,000 honey. Collects 4 pollen from the 5 patches in front of you in 0.5 seconds.
125,000 honey. Collects 2 pollen from 29 surrounding patches in 1 second.
300,000 honey. Collects 4 pollen from 9 surrounding patches in 0.5 seconds.
720,000 honey. Collects ALL pollen from patch in front of you in 0.5 seconds.
Honey Dipper.png
Honey Dipper
1,500,000 honey. Collects 2 pollen from 49 surrounding patches in 0.9 seconds.

Item Cost Description
50,000 honey. A humongous jug!
160,000 honey. A machine which packs pollen to increase space.
  • +50,000 Capacity.
  • +55% Convert Rate.
Elite Barrel.png
Elite Barrel
650,000 honey. The worlds [sic] most advanced barrel. Increases pollen from certain fields.
  • +125,000 Capacity.
  • +70% Convert Rate.
1,250,000 honey. A miniature hive you can wear on your back! Instantly converts some pollen to honey.

Item Cost Description
500,000 honey. A parachute you can use to glide down the mountain and reach new places! Press jump while in the air to open.
Propeller Hat
2,500,000 honey, 25 gumdrops, 100 pineapples, 5 moon charms. A playful hat that keeps the sun out of your eyes.
Brave Guard.png
Brave Guard
300,000 honey, 3 stingers. A right shoulder pad crafted by a Brave Bee.
Hasty Guard.png
Hasty Guard
300,000 honey, 5 moon charms. A right shoulder pad crafted by a Hasty Bee.
Bomber Guard.png
Bomber Guard
300,000 honey, 25 sunflower seeds. A left shoulder pad crafted by a Bomber Bee.
  • [Left Shoulder]
  • +15,000 Capacity.
  • +5% White Pollen.
  • +15% Bomb Pollen.
Looker Guard.png
Looker Guard
300,000 honey, 25 sunflower seeds. A left shoulder pad crafted by a Looker Bee.
Belt Bag.png
Belt Bag
440,000 honey, 50 pineapples, 50 sunflower seeds, 3 stingers. A convenient pouch designed for easy access.
Hiking Boots.png
Hiking Boots
2,200,000 honey, 50 blueberries, 50 strawberries. A durable pair of boots helpful for traversing the mountain.



  • Spotted chicks were able to spawn here before they were removed.
  • The Slingshot will sometimes undershoot the player near Panda Bear or in the middle of the Bamboo Field. If the Slingshot does not undershoot, it will regularly shoot the player in front of the shop's door.
  • There are two royal jelly tokens, one of them on top of the shop at the end of a dark passage and one within inside the shop, the latter being hidden in the maze behind Pro Bear. The player can obtain it by going all the way to the end, turning right, going to the end, turning right, and going to the first corridor on the right and follow through it to find the royal jelly.
  • Since the 7/11/2018 update, there is a sunflower seed token inside the maze that gives 10 sunflower seeds. The player can obtain it by going right two times, just like the royal jelly, but on the second right, go to the end of the hall and follow through the last corridor to the right.
  • There is a giant pineapple near the Pro Shop, where there are 3 tickets on top that can be collected by using the Red Cannon and the Parachute or Glider to glide down onto the top.
  • If the player stands on one of the backpack models and jumps high enough, they can go into space between the roof and the ceiling.
  • With 17 items, the Pro Shop has the most purchasable items out of all of the shops.
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