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Pumpkin Patch
Field Color Assorted
Bee Prerequisites 15 bees
Field Dimensions
17Flower Count = 561

The Pumpkin Patch is a field located beyond the Honey Bee Gate and beside the Cactus Field. It is protected by the werewolf.

This is a 17x33 field, containing 561 flowers. The flowers are white, red, and blue, in sizes of double and triple.

Flowers White Blue Red Total
Single 0% 0% 0% 0%
Double 14% 5% 5% 24%
Triple 43% 16% 17% 76%
Total 57% 21% 22% 100%

Note: the flowers in fields are randomly generated, so the flower counts above may not be 100% accurate. The percentages should be roughly correct, however.

This field can spawn honey, treat, ticket, magic bean, and glue tokens when collecting pollen.

Bees that like the Pumpkin Patch are Honey Bee, Shy Bee, Bear Bee, and Photon Bee. Bees that dislike the Pumpkin Patch are Bomber Bee, Hasty Bee, and Gummy Bee.

A level 1-20 Wild Windy Bee can spawn here. Additionally, the largest pumpkin in the corner of the field can grow a face before generating sparkles in the field.

Obtaining Boosts

Using the Field Booster may give a Pumpkin Patch Boost. When it does, it will give +100% Pumpkin Patch pollen for 15 minutes.

The Pumpkin Patch boost icon.

  • Using glitter in the field will add 100% Pumpkin Patch pollen onto the current boost if it isn't already maxed out.
  • Using Field Dice may add +100% Pumpkin Patch pollen for 15 minutes if the current boost isn't already maxed out.
  • Pumpkin Patch Winds can be obtained through the Wind Shrine or codes. They have a base of +20% instant Pumpkin Patch conversion and give +5% instant Pumpkin Patch conversion and +20% Pumpkin Patch pollen for each stack. Pumpkin Patch Winds can stack up to a total of 13 times.
  • Purchasing a Pumpkin Patch Market Boost from the Boost Market will give x1.5 Pumpkin Patch Capacity, x1.25 Pumpkin Patch Pollen, x1.25 Capacity, and +50 Convert Amount.
  • Redeeming certain valid codes. However, there are currently no valid codes that give any sort of Pumpkin Patch boosts.
  • It can be boosted by the Shell Amulet. If it has a Pumpkin Patch Boost, it can boost the field by +5% to +30% depending on the amulet rarity.

The methods below are no longer possible.

  • Giving a present to certain NPCs:
    • Polar Bear gave Pumpkin Patch Boost x4 and other boosts and items.
    • Onett gave Pumpkin Patch Boost x1 and other boosts and items.
  • Redeeming certain expired codes:
    • Tabby (Gave Pumpkin Patch Boost x1 + other stuff).
    • Xanthan (Gave Pumpkin Patch Boost x4 + other stuff).
    • PumpkinOfJustice (Gave Pumpkin Patch Boost x7 + other stuff).
    • PuppyPerk (Gave Pumpkin Patch Boost x2 + other stuff).
    • TrickOrTreat (Gave Pumpkin Patch Boost x6 + other stuff).
    • GravyCatFan (Gave Pumpkin Patch Boost x4 + other stuff).
    • DarzethPack (Gave Pumpkin Patch Boost x3 + other stuff).
    • Trying (Gave Pumpkin Patch Boost x2 + other stuff).
    • MoreTime (Gave Pumpkin Patch Boost x3 + other stuff).
    • BeeDay2019 (Gave Pumpkin Patch Boost x4 + other stuff).
    • Leftovers (Gave Pumpkin Patch Boost x3 and Pumpkin Patch Winds x3 + other stuff).


  • This field's badge and the Sunflower Badge are used 3 times for chances in Memory Match, the most out of any field badges.
  • There is a royal jelly token behind the two pumpkins in the corner.
  • Before the 4/27/2018 update, the Pumpkin Patch had the same mix of flowers as the Cactus Field.
  • This field used to be the smallest field until the Stump Field was added.
  • This field is one of three fields to have the word "Patch" in their name instead of "Field," with the Pineapple Patch and Pepper Patch being the other two.
  • It is possible to get inside the largest pumpkin with stacked haste.
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