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"A playful bee who only cares about two things, its tennis ball and you!"





Puppy Bee is a Colorless Event Bee that hatches out of a Puppy Bee egg, which is available in the Ticket Tent for 500 tickets.

Like all other Event bees, this bee does not have a favorite treat, and the only way to make it gifted is by feeding it a star treat or gingerbread bears.

Puppy Bee likes the Clover Field and dislikes the Rose Field.



  • [Fetch] Creates a ball, that collects and increases pollen by 100% (+15% per level) as you and Puppy Bee kick it to each other. Collection increases per kick. Combo hits to win treats.
  • [Puppy Love] Increases your bond with up to 10 nearby bees by 30 (+10 per average bee lvl in hive)

Reindeer Antlers Abilities

(These abilities can only be used if the Reindeer Antlers Beequip is equipped to Puppy Bee)

  • [Reindeer Fetch] Replaces Puppy Bee's "Fetch" ability. Puppy's ball will glow bright red, and every 3rd time Puppy hits it you'll receive "Reindeer Guidance", which grants x1.01 Capacity for 15 minutes and stacks up to 10 times. Additionally, the ball has a small chance to spawn gingerbread bears at high combos (max 1 per day). The chance is increased during Beesmas Events.
  • [Focus] Grants +3% Critical Chance for 20 seconds. Stacks up to 10 times. Critical hits increase pollen and damage by 100%.

Puppy Bee has a base pollen collection of 25 WhiteFlowerLarge.png in 4 seconds.

That's equivalent to 6.25 WhiteFlowerLarge.png per second.

(50 WhiteFlowerLarge.png in 4 seconds with x2 Bee Pollen gamepass)

Pollen Collection
Flower Tier Bee Pollen with Critical Hit
without Melody with Melody
Single 25 50 75
Double 50 100 150
Triple 75 150 225
Large 100 200 300
Star 125 250 375

Puppy Bee can make 140 HoneyDrop.png in 4 seconds!

That's equivalent to 35 HoneyDrop.png per second.

(140 HoneyDrop.png in 2 second/s with x2 Honeymaking Speed)

Honey Collection with Science Enhancement

Science Enhancement Production Rate Number of Produced Honey
1 25% 175
2 50% 210
3 75% 245
4 100% 280
5 125% 315
6 150% 350
7 175% 385
8 200% 420

Science Enhancement Production Rate Number of Produced Honey
9 225% 455
10 250% 490
11 275% 525
12 300% 560
13 325% 595
14 350% 630
15 375% 665
16 400% 700



  • When Puppy Bee came out on the 9/10/2018 update, it was on sale in the Ticket Tent for 250 tickets until September 22, 2018.
  • It takes 3 hits of the ball by the owner and 3 hits by the Puppy Bee (3 volleys) to drop a treat token. The more times the ball is hit in a row, the more treats are earned from the treat token (Doubled every time a combo is done; starting at 1, capping at 512).
    • Once the treat token reaches the capped amount of treats, the ball will permanently stay light green and will not be able to produce any more treat tokens.
  • Puppy Bee was the first bee to be able to create treat tokens, the second being Festive Bee with its festive gift ability.
  • Puppy Bee was likely made to be Tabby Bee's canine counterpart.
  • Sometimes, the ball spawned by the fetch token can get stuck, allowing the player and Puppy Bee to easily pass it back and forth.
  • It was the first bee that has a 3D model on its face (its tongue).
  • Puppy Bee, Bear Bee, and Tabby Bee are currently the only bees that were sold at a discount for a limited amount of time.
  • This bee, Bear Bee, Gummy Bee, Tabby Bee, Festive Bee, and Windy Bee are the only Event bees that can be a First Edition Bee.
    • First Edition Puppy Bee could have been obtained by buying it before September 22, 2018.
  • Treat tokens produced by Puppy Bee's fetch can be collected with a token link, similar to honey gifts.
  • Puppy Bee is the third bee to produce a token that has their face on it, the second being Tabby Bee, and the first being Rage Bee.
  • This is the only bee that is able to raise the bond of other bees, through its puppy love token.
  • This bee, Vicious Bee, Crimson Bee, Cobalt Bee, and Windy Bee are the only Event bees that don't have an 'enhanced' ability if gifted.
  • The puppy love token glows when collected.
  • Puppy Bee's wings clip through its ears.
  • This is the only bee that can produce gingerbread bears.
  • This bee, along with Festive Bee, are the only bees that have an exclusive beequip for themselves.
  • During the Beesmas 2020 Event, players could purchase a special bundle for 800 Robux in the Robux Shop that would grant them a Puppy Bee Egg, the special Reindeer Antlers Beequip specifically made for the Puppy Bee, and 50 Gingerbread Bears as a bonus.
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