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The Strawberry Dispenser outside Red HQ.

Red HQ is a large base with a portal, a shop, and other features. It is said that "this is the meeting place for all the red bees".

The entrance is found just past the Rose Field.

To get there, you need to be able to get past the Honey Bee Gate, or you can use cannons and a parachute/glider to get to it. The Hats, Boots and the Bear Morph can also give you extra jump-power that allows you to jump up from the Sunflower Field.

The entrance is decorated with a Riley Bee and a Scythe. You can enter if you have discovered 4 different types of Red Bees.


Codes Roof-0

The code "ROOF" on top.

On the first floor, there are 3 things that you'll notice: a Red Teleporter that will teleport you to a hill behind Science Bear, a Red Field Booster that gives you a boost for one of three "red" fields (Mushroom, Strawberry, or Rose), and a set of Red items for sale. There is also a ticket hidden near the back of the ceiling visible from the ladder. To reach it, build up stacks of Haste, then climb the Red Teleporter and jump to it. You will most likely need boots and/or parachute/glider.


The Red Field Booster, which is in the interior of the HQ.

Climb the first ladder to find a Royal Jelly on the roof next to the base, as well as the Strawberry Dispenser

Climb the second ladder to reach the top and find the Promo Code "ROOF" on the back side of the white facade, near the large Scythe

You will then find Gifted Riley Bee, who requires a Translator to be able to communicate with. After you get a translator from Science Bear, you can then get quests from Gifted Riley Bee. Also keep in mind that you need to have used a Translator on it to be able to give Gifted Riley Bee a Present

Gifted Riley Bee Quest Giver
Screenshot 27

Another view of the Red HQ, this time more distant.


There is a store in the Red HQ which sells a few items. To open the store, press E or click Open Shop while you're not on the Red Field Booster or the Red Teleporter.

Red HQ Store Items
Item Cost Description
Red Guard
Red Guard
750,000 Honey, 50 Strawberries, 1 Royal Jelly, 1 Stinger A durable pad worn on the left shoulder of Red Beekeepers.

  • [Left Shoulder]
  • +25,000 Container Space
  • +10% Red Pollen
  • +5% Damage Reduction
Elite Red Guard
Elite Red Guard
5,000,000 Honey, 3 Red Extracts, 50 Strawberries, 5 Royal Jellies, 5 Stingers A Red Guard reserved for the most dedicated Red Beekeepers.

  • [Left Shoulder]
  • +50,000 Container Space
  • +15% Red Pollen
  • +7% Damage Reduction
  • +5% Critical Chance
Riley Guard
Riley Guard
30,000,000 Honey, 10 Red Extracts, 100 Strawberries, 5 Glue, 25 Stingers A piece of armor forged by the leader of the Red Bees!

  • [Left Shoulder]
  • +100,000 Container Space
  • +25% Red Pollen
  • +10% Damage Reduction
  • +10% Critical Chance
  • +150% Conversion Rate
Fire Mask
Fire Mask
100,000,000 honey, 500 Strawberries, 50 Red Extracts, 25 Enzymes, 15 Glue Ignite your mind to enhance your Red bees.

  • [Hat]
  • +25% Pollen From Bees
  • +25% Instant Conversion
  • +35% Damage Reduction
  • +11% Bee Ability Rate
  • +115% Luck
  • +2 Red Bee Attack Power
  • x1.15 Red Pollen
3,500,000 Honey

Collects 6 pollen from a line of 8 patches in 0.45 seconds. Collects ×3 from red flowers.


  • Players can access the Red HQ just with the yellow/red cannon and parachute/glider. Aim for the Rose Field, and from there enter the Red HQ.
  • If accessing the Red HQ shop. Players can get damaged by Vicious Bee if he is attacking in the Rose Field
  • If you use the Red Cannon & parachute/glider, you can get inside the Red HQ if you don't have 4 Red Bee types(rare, but not impossible).
    • You can also access the red HQ by having any jump boost and jumping on the sprout sign, then on the fence onto the red HQ.
  • So far Fire Mask is the most expensive thing in the HQ shop.
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