The Robux Shop is a shop that requires Robux to purchase items. It can be accessed through the Shop tab. It is directly next to the System tab.

This shop sells gamepasses, eggs, royal jelly, honey, night bells, magic beans, and tickets. It sometimes sells limited-edition items, such as festive beans, and limited-time packs.


Limited Edition Items/Packs

Limited to one per person.

Icon Item Name Price Description


Icon Item Name Price Description
Silver Egg Silver Egg 100 R$

Hatches into a special bee!

(64.9% Rare, 30% Epic, 5% Legendary, 0.1% Mythic)

Gold Egg Gold Egg 200 R$

Always hatches into an Epic, Legendary, or Mythic bee!

(79% Epic, 20% Legendary, 1% Mythic)

Diamond Egg Diamond Egg 400 R$

Always hatches into a Legendary or Mythic bee!

(95% Legendary, 5% Mythic)

0665e92ec3925c8217134bd594c552dd Star Egg 800 R$

Always hatches into a Gifted bee you don't already own! (Excludes Event bees. Limit 5 per player.)

Mythic Egg Mythic Egg 1200 R$

Always hatches into a random Mythic bee! (Limit 3 per player.)

Royal Jelly

Icon Item Name Price Description
RJ Royal Jelly 45 R$ Transforms a bee's type (70% Rare, 27% Epic and 3% Legendary).
RJ 10 Royal Jellies 300 R$ A value pack of Royal Jellies (33% Discount).
Icon Item Name Price Description
Ticket symbol Ticket 10 R$ Used to activate and purchase various things in the game.
Ticket symbol 100 Tickets 400 R$ A value pack of tickets! (x2.5 Value. 4R$ Per Ticket.)
Ticket symbol 510 Tickets 1700 R$ A value pack of tickets! (x3 Value. 3.33R$ Per Ticket.)
Ticket symbol 1,800 Tickets 4500 R$ A value pack of tickets! (x4 Value. 2.5R$ Per Ticket.)
Other Items
Icon Item Name Price Description
MagicBean Magic Bean 30 R$ Activate to plant a random Sprout in a field. Collect pollen to make it grow - once's it's done you win prizes!
Night Bell Night Bell 80 R$ Summons Nightime. A Moon Sprout and a Vicious Bee are guaranteed to appear.
BuddyBlack Cub Buddy 600 R$ This baby bear follows you around, collecting tokens and granting gifts!

Game Passes (One-Time Purchases)

Icon Item Name Price Description
Bear Bee Gamepass Bear Bee 800 R$ BEAR BEE! This limited edition bee will periodically transform YOU into a BEAR!

Perks of being a bear include:

  • x2 Pollen!!! (from all sources)
  • Run faster!
  • Jump higher!

(This is the 2nd Edition Bear Bee version. The 1st Edition version was available during the first month of the game's release for 650 Robux. For those that bought it during that time, it will become gifted and will also have a 1st Edition Flag on it.)

Honey x2 Honey Speed Pass 250 R$ Bees make honey twice as fast.
Bee x2 Bee Pollen Pass 400 R$ Bees collect twice as much pollen.
Ticket x2 Ticket Chance Pass
700 R$ Doubles your chance of receiving a ticket when defeating mobs and collecting pollen.
Icon Name Price Description
HoneyDrop Honey Pouch 25 R$ Instantly gain 10,000 honey.
HoneyDrop Honey Sack 300 R$ Instantly gain 250,000 honey.
HoneyDrop Honey Chest 800 R$ Instantly gain 1,000,000 honey.
HoneyDrop Honey Vault 1,700 R$ Instantly gain 5,000,000 honey.
Finished Limited Edition Items/Packs
Icon Item Name Price Description Ended on
Memorialday Memorial Day Deal 700 R$ 1 Diamond Egg, 100 Tickets, 25,000 honey. May 26, 2018
Fruit Summer Treat Pack 300 R$ 1 Diamond Egg, 250 Treats, 10,000 Honey and 25 of each special treat! August 1, 2018
Star-0 Summer Star Pack 1500 R$ 1 Star Egg, 250 Tickets, 10 Ant Passes, 100,000 honey! August 1, 2018
Super Super Summer Star Pack 3500 R$ 1 Star Treat, 1,000 Tickets, 25 Ant Passes, 1,000,000 honey! August 1, 2018
Diamond Moon Pack Diamond Moon Pack 300 R$ 1 Diamond Egg, 25 Moon Charms, 10 Tickets, 100 Treats, and 25,000 honey! Oct 8, 2018
Stars And Spikes Pack Stars And Spikes 1500 R$ 1 Star Egg, 150 Tickets, 100 Stingers, 1 Star Jelly, and 250,000 honey! Oct 8, 2018
September Star Special September Star Special 3500 R$ 1 Star Treat, 600 Tickets, 100 Stingers, 50 Moon Charms, 1 Star Jelly, and 1,500,000 honey! Oct 8, 2018
SparklyStarter Sparkly Starter Pack 400 R$ 1 Diamond Egg, 5 Magic Beans, 5 Royal Jellies, 25 Tickets, 25 Moon Charms, 150k honey Dec 16, 2018
ExtremeExtract Extreme Extract Pack 1200 R$ 300 Tickets, 100 Stingers, 50 Red Extracts, 50 Blue Extracts, 500 Gumdrops, 500k honey Dec 16, 2018
ShiningStar Shining Star Pack 2000 R$ 1 Star Treat, 50 Glitter, 25 Magic Beans, 100 Moon Charms, 1 Star Jelly, 1M honey. Dec 16, 2018
ColossalCrafts Colossal Crafts Pack 3400 R$ 1200 Tickets, 200 Stingers, 50 Glue, 50 Oil, 50 Enzymes, 3 Star Jellies, 3M honey. Dec 16, 2018
Ticket symbol 700 Ticket Offer 1200 R$ A Discounted Pack of 700 Tickets. Jan 2, 2019
Bear Bee Gamepass Bear Bee (35% Off) 650 R$ Periodically transforms you into a bear, granting x2 pollen! Jan 2, 2019
FestiveBeans Festive Bean 250 R$ Activate to plant a Festive Sprout in a field. Grants Tickets, rare ingredients, and powerful boosts! Limit 5. Jan 2, 2019
Festivebeepack Festive Bee Pack 1600 R$ 1st Edition Festive Bee Egg, x30 Red Extracts, x30 Oils, x30 Magic Beans, 1M honey. February 1, 2019
Winterwonderlandpack Winter Wonder Pack 3400 R$ x1 Star Treat, x200 Stingers, x60 Glitter, x60 Blue Extracts, x60 Enzymes, x800 Tickets, 4M honey. February 1, 2019
Ba38f2cf930d17d985689669c6b075d4 Stocking Stuffer Pack 450 R$ x1 Diamond Egg, x100 Tickets, x5 Night Bells, x5 Magic Beans, x50 Moon Charms, 200k honey. February 1, 2019
285f0b412b09d1b7e4f06e06692f41fb Happy Honeyday Pack 900 R$ x1 Star Egg, x5 Festive Beans, x10 Night Bells, x10 Glitter, 500 Gumdrops, 500k honey. February 1, 2019
Ticket symbol 700 Ticket Offer 1200 R$ A discounted pack of 700 tickets. May 12, 2019
Dualdia Dual-Diamond Basket 700 R$ 2 Diamond Eggs, 500 Gumdrops, 15 Jelly Beans, 15 Field Dice, 15 Red Extracts, 15 Blue Extract, 250k honey. May 12, 2019
Spikeyspring Spikey Spring Basket 2700 R$ 1k Tickets, 250 Stingers, 50 Jelly Beans, 15 Micro-Converters, 75 Glue, 75 Oil, 5M honey. May 12, 2019
Windy Bee Windy Bee (First Edition) 800 R$ Summons Tornadoes to Collect Pollen and Tokens!

Blows Rain Clouds around the map to help others!

(Permanently obtainable for free as a rare prize from the Wind Shrine. Shop offer ends Oct 27.)

Oct 27, 2019
(Only appears if the player has obtained Windy Bee from the Wind Shrine)

Windy star treat

Star Treat 800 R$ You already own Windy Bee. Purchasing this will grant 1 Star Treat instead.

(Limit 1. Offer ends Oct 27.)

Oct 27, 2019
Beginnerbeanbundle Beginner's Bean Bundle 400 R$ 1 Diamond Egg, 100 Tickets, 25 Magic Beans, 25 Jelly Beans, 10 Field Dice, 5 Cloud Vials, 150k Honey

(Limit 1. Offer ends Oct 27.)

Oct 27, 2019
Gooeygoodies Gooey Goodies Pack 800 R$ 1 Star Jelly, 250 Tickets, 1000 Gumdrops, 100 Coconuts, 100 Stingers, 50 Oils, 500k Honey

(Limit 1. Offer ends Oct 27.)

Oct 27, 2019
Startreatspecial Star Treat Special 1700 R$ 1 Star Treat, 100 Glitters, 100 Tropical Drinks, 100 Glues, 50 Jelly Beans, 10 Cloud Vials, 2.5M Honey Oct 27, 2019
Capture653 Mythic Pack 800 R$ Introducing the Mythic Bees!

Tadpole, Vector, and Spicy Bee! Each possesses powerful and unique abilities! Pack contains: 1 Mythic Egg, 250 Tickets, 25 Red Extracts, 25 Blue Extracts. (Contains 1 Mythic Egg, which always hatches into a random Mythic Bee. Offer ends Feb 9th. )

Feb 9, 2020
Capture654 Cub Buddy Launch Pack 800 R$ Cub Buddy follows you collecting tokens and occasionally granting random gifts!

Collect skins to customize your Cub Buddy! Pack Contains: 1 Cub Buddy, 1 Noob Cub Skin (Limited Ed.), 250 Tickets 500 Tickets and Noob Cub Skin (If player purchased pack after completing Bee Bear's tenth quest) (Cub Buddy is obtainable in game for free. Noob Cub Skin is a limited R$ exclusive. Offer ends Feb 9th. )

Feb 9, 2020
Stockingstuffer Stocking Stuffer Special 400 R$ 1 Diamond Egg, 100 Tickets, 10 Box-O-Frogs, 500 Gumdrops, 25 Jelly Beans, 25 Coconuts, 5 Magic Beans, 150k Honey (Limit 1. Offer ends Feb 9.) Feb 9, 2020
Silentnight Silent Night Special 800 R$ 1 Star Egg, 100 Stingers, 25 Glitters, 5 Night Bells, 100 Moon Charms, 25 Jelly Beans, 500k Honey (Limit 1. Offer ends Feb 9.) Feb 9, 2020
Merrymutations Merry Mutations Pack 1700 R$ 5 Atomic Treats, 500 Tickets, 25 Neonberries, 250 Bitterberries, 100 Glue, 100 Enzymes, 50 Tropical Drinks, 2.5m Honey (Limit 1. Offer ends Feb 9.) Feb 9, 2020
Fuzzybeepack Fuzzy Pack 800 R$ Meet Fuzzy, the new Mythic Bee!

Pollinates flowers, upgrading them to the next level!

Pack Contains: 1 Fuzzy Bee Egg, 250 Tickets, 10 Glitters [sic] and 10 Glues [sic]

(Limit 1 pack per player. Offer ends May 17th.)

May 17, 2020
June Jumbo June Pack 1700 R$ 1 Mythic Egg, 750 Tickets, 10 Super Smoothies, 25 Glitter, 25 Magic Beans, 25 Enzymes, 2.5M Honey (Limit 1. Offer ends July 5th.) July 5, 2020


  • With the exception of the gamepasses, Bear Bee, and the Noob Cub Buddy skin, everything else in the shop can be earned without spending robux.
  • The Robux Shop is the only shop that is in a menu.
  • The x2 Ticket Chance pass is no longer in the Robux Shop anymore.
  • The Robux Shop has more Items than any other shop in-game.
  • The Festive Bee Pack and Fuzzy Bee Pack are the only packs in the Robux Shop that gave a Bee Egg, as Bear Bee is not a pack, nor was the Windy Bee deal.
  • The honey offers got increased at one point, as the honey vault used to only give 200,000 honey.
  • Royal jelly used to cost 50 robux each and the pack of 10 used to cost 400 robux each.
  • Bear Bee used to cost 1000 robux before the 9/28 update. It now costs 800 robux.
    • Similar to Bear Bee, star eggs are now 800 robux after being lowered from 1000 robux.
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