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This page is for the rogue version of Vicious Bee. For the tamed version, see the Vicious Bee page.

The Rogue Vicious Bee is a mini-boss that can spawn in the Clover, Spider, Cactus, Rose, Mountain Top Field, or the Pepper Patch. Rogue Vicious Bee has a higher chance of spawning during nighttime and is guaranteed to spawn if a night bell is used.

Rogue Vicious Bee has a small chance to spawn as a Gifted variant (roughly 1 in 30-40 chance, or 2.5-3.3% chance). When gifted, it has more health, higher attack rate, and more damage. In return, it rewards a much larger amount of stingers and more honey.

When it attacks a player, a spike sound is played, indicating its presence. The player will need to find it hiding in a field with a small gray spike (golden if gifted) sticking out; it will attack if a player touches its spike. While in King Beetle's lair, a player can see a large spike if the Vicious Bee is in the Clover Field. Once the player walks close/onto this spike (whether silver or golden) the Rogue Vicious Bee will be summoned. This also damages the player if they walked onto the spike. Everyone in the server will receive a notification when a Rogue Vicious Bee attacks a player via a server-wide message: "⚠ [Gifted] Vicious Bee is attacking {Username} in the {Clover/Spider/Cactus/Rose/Mountain Top Field/Pepper Patch}! ⚠." When it's defeated, a similar message announces: "🎉 [Gifted] Vicious Bee has been defeated! 🎉."

Attack Pattern and Rewards

Rogue Vicious Bee attacks players by summoning spikes from the ground. It has two attack patterns - tracking and then attacking randomly. The higher the level the bee is, the greater the number of spikes summoned. Red circles indicate where a spike is about to appear. The spikes will do approximately 40 damage to players with no Defense, 50 if gifted. Gifted Vicious Bee’s spikes form quicker, allowing it to move more often.

Upon defeat, Rogue Vicious Bee drops stingers and honey. Bees gain 50 bond plus an additional 50 for every level of Rogue Vicious Bee above 2. The amount of honey rewarded is based on the total damage dealt to the bee. Stingers are awarded as long as the player deals any amount of damage to the bee, even if the player leaves the field before it is fully defeated and/or if they get killed. The higher the level of the bee, the more stingers are yielded. A daily bonus of 5 stingers is also given for the first Vicious Bee defeated that day, with a cooldown of 22 hours after the daily reward. This also applies to Gifted Vicious Bees, having their own separate daily bonus.

Level 7-8 Vicious Bee rewards.

  • Level 1-3: 1 stinger - Gifted: 6 stingers
  • Level 4-6: 2 stingers - Gifted: 9 stingers
  • Level 7-9: 3 stingers - Gifted: 12 stingers
  • Level 10-12: 4 stingers - Gifted: 15 stingers

Additionally, during the Beesmas 2020 event, Rogue Vicious Bee could have dropped the icicles beequip when defeated. The chance of the beequip being obtained increased with the level of the Rogue Vicious Bee.

If Rogue Vicious Bee is in attack mode but there is nobody in its range, it will eventually despawn, and a server-wide message will announce, "[Gifted] Vicious Bee left..."


Level Health
1 1,000
2 3,000
3 6,000
4 10,000
5 15,000
6 21,000
7 27,000
8 34,000
9 41,000
10 50,000


12 68,000


Fields Levels
Clover Field 1-3
Spider Field 2-4
Cactus Field 4-7
Rose Field 5-7
Mountain Top Field 6-8
Pepper Patch 9-12


The following audio plays when Rogue Vicious Bee has been summoned:

The following audio plays when Rogue Vicious Bee has been defeated:



  • When hunting for hidden Rogue Vicious Bees, angle the camera so that it is aligned with the side of the field to make it easier to see spikes sticking out.
  • It is best to go hunting for Vicious bee at night, since it has a greater chance of spawning at that time.
  • When fighting Rogue Vicious Bees, the player can AFK the fight by standing on something higher than the spikes. For example, the player can stand on a cactus in the Cactus Field. This works on all fields as long as what the player is standing on is more elevated than the field Rogue Vicious Bee spawned in, and close enough to the field that the Rogue Vicious Bee does not despawn. Rogue Vicious Bee may go out of range temporarily, but will often move back into range of your bees so you can defeat it.
  • Spikes despawn after five minutes of appearance, allowing time for the player to get ready.
  • When a Rogue Vicious Bee starts using tracking spikes, continue moving around. This will be indicated if it is looking at a player.
  • When it starts attacking randomly, stop moving. The player should only move when a warning circle is directly under the character. This will be indicated if it starts spinning.
  • The spike hitboxes are actually smaller than the warning circle radius. This means that not much movement is required to dodge the spikes.
  • If a Rogue Vicious Bee is too difficult to defeat, other players can help out. It may also be better to leave instead, rather than waste time.
  • If the player hears a small spike sound or the sound when collecting the Impale token, it means Rogue Vicious Bee is hiding close by.


  • Vicious Bee and Windy Bee are the only mini-bosses and mobs that are bees, Windy Bee’s counterpart being Wild Windy Bee.
    • These are the only hostile mobs that have a bee counterpart.
  • Rogue Vicious Bee is the third boss that was added to the game.
  • Rogue Vicious Bee is the first "mob" in the game to not attack by colliding, as it uses a "special ability," being its spikes.
  • It is the second mob to have varying levels, the first being Ants, and the third, fourth and fifth being Stick Bug, Stick Nymphs and Wild Windy Bee, respectively.
  • Rogue Vicious Bee and the frog are the only mobs that are guaranteed to spawn by using an item, the night bell and box-o-frogs respectively.
  • If the player exits the field while Vicious Bee is using its tracking attack, the base of the spike will be hovering in the air.
  • When Vicious Bee is in tracking mode, it will face where its last spike was. If more than one player is fighting it, it will instead face a random spike.
  • It will continue to attack the player even if they are outside of the field, but only if they are in close proximity to the field.
  • Rogue Vicious Bee's spikes are able to damage other mobs, and have no damage cap for them.
  • When Vicious Bee's dormant spike is in the Clover Field, its base is visible in the King Beetle's Lair. (A red glow can be seen extending from the bottom of the spike.) Touching the base will engage combat against the Rogue Vicious Bee.
  • If the player touches the initial spike that sticks out of the ground of the field, they will take damage as if they are one of the bee's attacking spikes. This spike does not activate the Emergency Coconut Shield.
  • When it turns to night, even if Rogue Vicious Bee has recently spawned, there will still be a 1/3 chance of it spawning again.
  • Rogue Vicious Bee is slightly larger than all hive bees, including tamed Vicious Bees.
  • When Rogue Vicious Bee leaves, it makes the same puff of smoke as when other mobs do when they are defeated. The same occurs if its dormant spike is not triggered and despawns.
  • Rogue Vicious Bee shines light directly under itself, unlike its tamed counterpart. The light is only visible at night.
  • Sometimes the player’s camera can be angled under a field where a spike spawns, where they might be able to see Rogue Vicious Bee under the spike. It can also be made visible by clearing out the flower the spike is in.
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