Royal Jelly is an inventory item that can be found as a token on the map, received as quest rewards, redeeming valid codes, or purchased from various shops or dispensers. When used on a bee, it turns it into either a Rare, Epic, Legendary, Mythic, Gifted Rare, Gifted Epic, Gifted Legendary, or Gifted Mythic .

The probabilities are a 70% chance of getting a Rare, 27% chance of getting an Epic, 3% chance of getting a Legendary and a 0.004% (1 in 25,000) chance of getting a Mythic. There is also a 0.4% (1 in 250) chance that using a royal jelly will result in a Gifted Bee.

Royal jelly does not necessarily turn a bee into a better rarity. For instance, if players use it on a Legendary bee, they have the same 70% chance of getting a Rare bee as if they had used it on a Basic Bee.

As of the 4/17/2019 update, royal jelly tokens are back to their original spots.

Methods of Obtaining

There are numerous methods to obtain royal jelly.

  1. Completing Brown Bear's quests every hour will reward one or more royal jellies along with other items. Other bears and Onett give royal jelly less frequently.
  2. Completing Black Bear's Diamond Egg, Star Jelly, and Mythic Egg quests will reward one or more royal jellies.
  3. Completing Spirit Bear's quests will often reward multiple royal jellies. The amount generally increases with each further quest taken. 
  4. There is a Royal Jelly Shop near the Red HQ, where players can buy a royal jelly for 100,000 honey initially. The price will increase by 2,500 honey each purchase until capping at 1,000,000 honey.
  5. The Royal Jelly Dispenser near the Slingshot, Clover Field, Noob Shop, and Dandelion Field dispenses them for 6 tickets each while also giving 10x Haste.
  6. Royal jelly can be purchased individually or in 10-packs from the Robux Shop. It costs 45 Robux for one royal jelly and 300R$ for 10 royal jellies.
  7. Defeating mobs may yield royal jelly.
  8. Royal jellies can be found in different hidden and hard to reach locations. These jellies can only be obtained once for every player (In other words, they don't respawn).
  9. Royal jelly can be claimed using the dispenser in the Star Hall every 22 hours. The number of royal jellies players obtain depends on the number of Gifted bees are in their hive.
  10. Finishing the Ant Challenge will give at least 2 royal jellies with the quantity increasing as the score increases.
  11. Royal jelly can also naturally spawn in fields, but the probability is extremely low.
  12. Completely growing a sprout may produce royal jelly tokens depending on the type of sprout.
  13. From the sparkles made by the faces that can appear on certain objects or by fireflies.
  14. Finishing the Stick Bug Challenge or drops from stick nymphs during it.
  15. As a drop from Festive Gifts.
  16. A reward from Memory Match.
  17. As a drop from the Wind Shrine.
  18. Through a Cub Buddy gift.
  19. Opening the Colorful Present (no longer obtainable).


Arranged roughly in order of minimum bees/items required. Not all possible methods are listed here. For example, almost any place that can be reached using the Yellow Cannon plus the parachute can also be reached using the Blue or Red Cannon plus the Glider.

  • No bees are required.
    1. On the tallest mushroom in the Mushroom Field. (Parkour starting at the mushroom at the front left corner of the field. Alternatively, parachute down from a suitable high spot.)
    2. Above the awning inside the Noob Shop (Parkour starting behind the Honey Dispenser.)
    3. On top of the Ticket Tent.
  • 5 bees are required.
    1. On a bamboo shoot in the Bamboo Field (Parkour starting between the Bamboo Field and the Spider Field. Alternatively, parachute/glide down from a suitable high spot).
    2. In the blue ramp near the Bamboo Field (Enter the tunnel either by walking along the ledge toward Blue HQ or dropping down into the area between Blue HQ's roof and Science Bear's platform. Alternatively, jump up from the Bamboo Field using enhanced jumping ability[1]).
  • Enhanced jumping ability[1] OR the Parachute/Glider are required.
    1. On a hill behind Brown Bear (If players can, they could jump up from in front of Brown Bear; otherwise, parachute/glide down from a suitable higher place, such as the roof of Blue HQ).
  • 4 blue bee types discovered are required.
    1. Upstairs inside the Blue HQ.
  • 10 bees are required.
    1. In a maze behind Pro Bear in the Pro Shop.
  • Parachute/Glider plus 12 bee types and 10 bees are required.
    1. On the big dandelion in the Dandelion Field (Use the Yellow Cannon and then the parachute/glide. Alternatively, if players have 15 bees but not 12 types, parachuting from the front of the Lion Bee Gate can also work).
    2. On top of the Noob Shop, near the wall next to the Clover Field (Yellow cannon and parachute/glider).
  • 15 bees are required.
    1. On a small ledge above the Rose Field (Go around the back of the Badge Bearer's Guild and jump down).
    2. Behind a pumpkin in the corner of the Pumpkin Patch.
  • 15 bees plus 4 red bee types OR enhanced jumping ability[1] are required.
    1. On a hill next to the Red HQ (Go inside Red HQ, then go up the ladder. OR, if players can jump high enough, they could jump from the Sunflower Field to the Red HQ entrance, then jump up to the top of the white picket fence on the left, and from there it's just a small hop to the jelly).
  • 15 bees plus Parachute/Glider are required.
    1. On top of a tree in the Pine Tree Forest (Using the parachute/glider, parkour along the white cliffs starting near the Polar Bear. This one is much, much easier with the Red Cannon and parachute/glider, though, so don't waste too much time falling off cliffs).
    2. At the end of a dark tunnel above the Pro Shop - it's the one players can tantalizingly see, but not reach when they're doing the parkour for the royal jelly above a pine tree. (Parachute down and around from the ramp to the Lion Bee Gate. Make sure to start by jumping up, and make as small a circle as possible onto the roof of the shop. Alternatively, if players have 25 bees, walking off the edge of the Mountain Top Field onto the Pro Shop works).
  • 25 bee types are required.
    1. On top of the Mountain Top Shop (Use the Red Cannon, then try to land on the top of the shop. Also, it’s much easier if players use a parachute or glider).
    2. Behind the Onett statue/NPC on top of the sixth beehive (Use the Red Cannon, then deploy the parachute once players are high enough up to curve back around to the top of the hive. Alternatively, players may be able to reach this one with the other cannons + Parachute + perseverance, or jump from the top of the Puppy Bee on the ticket tent with enough speed and jump power).
  • Need 30 bees plus at night.
    1. On top of the 30 bee area in the front of Bubble Bee Man (Parkour starting at the right of the big platform from the entrance where Onett and the lid are on there).

Royal Jelly Variants

Besides its normal form, there are other variants of Royal Jelly that have different effects on the bee it is applied to.

  • Event Bee jelly - Royal jelly specific to a single Event bee that is kept permanently. These are obtained after hatching the Event bee egg of their type, and can only be used when the specific bee is not in the hive.
    • Bear Bee jelly (It will turn any bee into a Bear Bee).
    • Photon Bee jelly (It will turn any bee into a Photon Bee).
    • Tabby Bee jelly (It will turn any bee into a Tabby Bee).
    • Gummy Bee jelly (It will turn any bee into a Gummy Bee).
    • Cobalt Bee jelly (It will turn any bee into a Cobalt Bee).
    • Crimson Bee jelly (It will turn any bee into a Crimson Bee).
    • Puppy Bee jelly (It will turn any bee into a Puppy Bee).
    • Vicious Bee jelly (It will turn any bee into a Vicious Bee).
    • Festive Bee jelly (It will turn any bee into a Festive Bee).
    • Windy Bee jelly (It will turn any bee into a Windy Bee).
  • Other Bee jelly - Royal Jelly specific to a single non-Event bee that is single-use. Primarily obtained from limited-time codes.
    • Basic Bee jelly (Obtained from the code DontUseThisJelly [Expired]; it will turn any bee into a Basic Bee).
    • Bumble Bee jelly (Obtained from completing B.B.M Mission quest from Bubble Bee Man in the 30 Bee Area and from the codes "BeeDay2019" [Expired] and "Cubly" [Valid]; it will turn any bee into a Bumble Bee).
    • Hasty Bee jelly (Obtained from receiving Bee Bear's Beesmas Blitz quest and from the code HasteHelper [Expired]; it will turn any bee into a Hasty Bee).
    • Rad Bee jelly (Obtained from the code Nonchalant and Strawbeary [Both expired]; it will turn any bee into a Rad Bee).
    • Rascal Bee jelly (Obtained from the code MischiefMaker [Expired]; it will turn any bee into a Rascal Bee).
    • Looker Bee jelly (Obtained from the code ThoseEyes [Expired]; it will turn any bee into a Looker Bee).
    • Bubble Bee jelly (Obtained from completing B.B.M Mission Quest from Bubble Bee Man in the 30 Bee Area; it will turn any bee into a Bubble Bee).
    • Commander Bee jelly (Obtained from the code Keen4 [Expired]; it will turn any bee into a Commander Bee).
    • Demo Bee jelly (Obtained from the code Poke [Expired]; it will turn any bee into a Demo Bee).
    • Exhausted Bee jelly (Obtained from the codes OnettJelly and CantSleep [Both expired] it will turn any bee into an Exhausted Bee).
    • Rage Bee jelly (Obtained from giving a present to Panda Bear or by receiving Brown Bear's Egg Hunt 2020 quest, "Commando Chick's Hideout"; it will turn any bee into a Rage Bee).
    • Shocked Bee jelly (Obtained from the valid code SecretProfileCode; it will turn any bee into a Shocked Bee).
    • Music Bee jelly (Obtained through the Funky Present; it will turn any bee into a Music Bee).
    • Shy Bee jelly (Obtained through the code NewMic [Expired]; it will turn any bee into a Shy Bee). 

Star Jelly

Star jellies will randomly turn any bee into a gifted bee with the same rarity chances as normal royal jelly.

  • Certain quests are guaranteed to give star jellies, while others are randomized.
    • There is a chance to get a star jelly for doing Black Bear's repeatable quests.
    • Obtained by finishing all of the quests in Black Bear's star jelly questline, or by completing Bubble Trouble and Pollen Fetcher 6 on the Mythic Egg questline.
    • Obtained by finishing Science Bear's Beesperanto and Epistemological Endeavor quests.
    • Obtained by finishing the 90th and 195th quest from Brown Bear.
    • Obtained by finishing the 5th, 15th, and 21st - 30th quests from Spirit Bear.
    • Obtained by finishing the 25th quest from Gifted Bucko Bee or Gifted Riley Bee.
    • Every 10 quests completed from Honey Bee (NPC) rewards a star jelly.
  • Can be crafted using the Blender (100 royal jellies, 3 glitter).
  • Obtained from Robux packs.
  • A guaranteed drop from Stump Snail and Coconut Crab.
  • A chance of being a drop from a werewolf, Mondo Chick, Tunnel Bear, Stick Bug, and King Beetle, or from capturing Commando Chick 15 times.
  • There is a chance to get a star jelly from defeating Wild Windy Bee.
  • If a player's score is 10M+ in the Stick Bug Challenge, they are guaranteed at least 1 star jelly. The higher their score, the more star jelly they get.
  • There is a chance to get a star jelly from the Clover Field and leaves.
  • There is a chance to get a star jelly from a Festive Gift.
  • There is a chance to get a star jelly from nudging fireflies.
  • Obtained from Rare, Epic, Legendary, Supreme, and Moon sprouts.
  • A reward from Mega, Night, and Extreme Memory Matches.
  • A slim chance of obtaining through a Cub Buddy gift.
  • Catching a meteor has a small chance to award a star jelly.
  • One on top of blender at Badge Bearer's Guild and one behind the big hive at the Ace Badge area.
  • A token near Gummy Bear in Gummy Bear's Lair.
  • Behind the glass wall in the Blue Maze that can be accessed by going through the wall behind the Petal Shop.


Common bees (Basic Bee) - 0%

Rare bees (Bomber, Brave, Bumble, Cool, Hasty, Looker, Rad, Rascal, and Stubborn Bees) ~ 1/2 chance (70%)

Epic bees (Bubble, Bucko, Commander, Demo, Exhausted, Fire, Frosty, Honey, Rage, Riley, and Shocked Bees) ~ 1/4 chance (27%)

Legendary bees (Baby, Carpenter, Demon, Diamond, Lion, Music, Ninja, and Shy Bees) - 1/33 chance (3%)

Mythic bees (Fuzzy, Spicy, Tadpole, and Vector Bees) - 1/25,000 chance (0.004%)

Event bees (Bear, Cobalt, Crimson, Festive, Gummy, Photon, Puppy, Tabby, Vicious, and Windy Bees) - 0%

Gifted bees (Any of these bees except Event and Basic Bees, but gifted) - 1/250 chance (0.4%)

Gifted Rare bee (Bomber, Brave, Bumble, Cool, Hasty, Looker, Rad, Rascal, and Stubborn Bees) - 1/357 chance (0.28%)

Gifted Epic bees (Bubble, Bucko, Commander, Demo, Exhausted, Fire, Frosty, Honey, Rage, Riley, and Shocked Bees) - 1/925 chance (0.108%)

Gifted Legendary bees (Baby, Carpenter, Demon, Diamond, Lion, Music, Ninja, and Shy Bees) - 1/8,333 chance (0.012%)

Gifted Mythic bees (Fuzzy, Spicy, Tadpole, and Vector Bees) - 1/6,250,000 chance (0.000016%)

Other uses of Royal Jelly



  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 The Propeller Hat, Bear Morph, and boots increase your ability to jump. Increased Haste can also help.
2. Event bee jellies have infinite uses; as long as the hive does not already have that bee, players can use the jelly.
3. Sun Bear gave a hint about the Royal Jelly on top of the Ticket Tent in his dialogue.
4. When players are transforming any bee with a royal jelly, the number of exclamation marks after the bee's name will be the same as that bee's tier. Rare = 1 exclamation mark (!), Epic = 2 exclamation marks (!!), Legendary/Event = 3 exclamation marks (!!!) and Mythic = 4 exclamation marks (!!!!).
IMG 20200405 180050
5. Using a specific jelly on said bee (eg. using a Bubble Bee Jelly on a Bubble Bee) will not use the jelly, and no transformation pop-up will appear.
6. Event Bee jellies can't make the bee gifted even if it was gifted before.
7. The plural for royal jelly is incorrectly spelled as 'Royal Jellys', rather than 'Royal Jellies'. This is a mistake that has happened with other items with a plural form that exchanges a 'y' for 'ies'.
8. Using a normal jelly on a gifted/mutated bee will almost CERTAINLY make the bee lose its mutated/gifted status.
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