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The snow machine.

The Snow Machine was a machine that was added in Beesmas 2020. It could be unlocked by completing Gifted Bucko Bee's Beesmas 2020 quest. The snow machine had only 1 primary purpose, that was to summon a snowstorm across the map.

When a player used the Snow Machine, the following message said: "{Username} has activated the snow machine!" This machine had only a 2-hour cooldown before using it again. When a player attempted to use the Snow Machine without completing Gifted Bucko Bee's Beesmas 2020 quest, the following message would say: "This machine is missing some integral parts..."


The Snow Machine looked like a machine with a green light that is situated on top of the Blue HQ. Before completing Gifted Bucko Bee's quest, the inside of the machine was empty and hollow. But after completing the quest, there would be wire netting and 2 fans installed in it.



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