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The Snowbear Summoner was a mechanic added in the Beesmas 2020 Part 1 (12/25/2020 Update). It was located next to the Basic Bee Gate, Highest Snowbear Level leaderboard, and Spider Field. It could have been used after completing Panda Bear's Snowbear quest. It had a cooldown of 90 minutes before being able to be used again to avoid instant farming or overcrowding of Snowbears in the Spider Field.

If a player attempted to use the summoner without completing Panda Bear's snowbear quest, the following message would have appeared: 'There is no telling what these snowballs are supposed to be...'


The Snowbear Summoner was a snowman shaped summoner. Without completing Panda Bear's quest, it was just 3 snowballs stacked on top of each other, 2 snowballs as the ears and 2 sticks as the hands with no decorations. If the player completes Panda Bear's Snowbear quest, it will have a top hat, 3 black buttons for the torso of the snowbear, 2 black buttons for the eyes and 1 giant black button as the nose.


The Snowbear Summoner summoned a snowbear onto the Spider Field, which at first use, spawns a level 1 snowbear. The message when a player steps on the pad will be: 'Summon a level <current level> Snowbear.' For example, if a player has defeated a level 4 snowbear, the "<current level>" displayed on the message will be level 5. Every defeat of the snowbear, the level of it will rise by 1 the next time you spawn it.



  • This was the first machine that can summon a bear manually by the player.
    • However, this was the second feature mechanic to summon a mob manually.
  • It was the first mechanic to summon a mob that has a defined level into a specific field, which is the Spider Field.
  • The cooldown of the Snowbear Summoner was not affected by owning a Gifted Vicious Bee because you had to summon it, unlike regular mobs who automatically respawn.
  • If the player stepped on the pad after Beesmas, it will say: "Last year's Snowbear is already complete! But it's starting to melt..."
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