The Special Sprout Summoner.

The Special Sprout Summoner is a machine located next to the Red HQ and Sunflower Field. It allows players who have discovered all 8 Legendary bee types to summon a Rare+ sprout in a random field, and can only be used every 16 hours. It was added along with sprouts in the 9/10/2018 update. It is decorated with a Rare sprout that gives off particles.

Once used, the game will announce: "🌱 {Username} has planted a(n) [Rarity] Sprout...🌱"

Chance Table

Note: This is an estimate. Not all chances listed below may be correct.

Sprout Chance
Rare 49%
Epic 20%
Legendary 11%
Gummy 9%
Moon 0% (Chances go up at nighttime to 65%)
Supreme 2% (Chances go up at nighttime)


  • This and the honeystorm summoner are the only machines that require discovering Legendary bee types to be used, with this summoner requiring 8 and the honeystorm summoner requiring 4.
  • Before the 11/25/2018 update, it was originally a normal sprout summoner, which was called the Sprout Summoner. It had the appearance of a normal sprout. The player only needed to discover 7 Legendary bees, as at the time there were only 7 Legendary bees. Its cooldown was only 8 hours and it had a chance to summon normal sprouts.
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