The Spider is a level 3 mob that is only found in the Spider Field. Two creatures similar to the spider in appearance are found in the Werewolf's Cave but have vastly different stats and are called Cave Monsters.

It takes about 30 minutes for the spider to respawn after being defeated. Defeating it gives 10 battle points and 1000 honey. It can even drop a Royal Jelly, but the chances are really low. There is also a 25% chance that defeating the spider will give a ticket, as well as an unknown chance for a single gumdrop and royal jelly. There is also a chance that it will drop Sunflower Seed if you defeat it. There is an unknown chance that a Stinger can be earned from killing the spider. The amount of honey and the chances of obtaining a gumdrop and/or ticket and/or sunflower seeds are modified by luck.

The spider is black with four red eyes, but only six legs, not eight.


Field Quantity Level
Spider Field and its surrounding area bordering Strawberry and Bamboo Fields, and the Basic Bee Gate 1 3





The only way to keep idle while defeating the spider is to stay on the first block in the Bamboo Obby - the spider will try to lunge and hit you, but it will be blocked by the block. In addition, you can use the Frozen-Field Defenders Glitch to kill the spider without taking damage.


  • This and the Werewolf are the only mobs that go out of their field to attack players.
  • There is a ticket token located within its residence (The Spider Cave).
  • The Spider gives more honey and has a higher chance of ticket-drop than the Mantis and Scorpion, despite them being in higher-tier fields.
  • The Spider is tied with the Werewolf as the regular mobs with the least number of spawn locations, as both only have one.
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