Spider Field
Field Color White
Bee Prerequisites 5 bees
Field Dimensions
25Flower Count = 700

The Spider Field is a field located behind the Basic Bee Gate and between the Strawberry Field and Bamboo Field. The field is protected by a level 4 spider.

This is a 25x28 field, containing 700 flowers. The flowers are white, in sizes of single, double, and triple.

Flowers White Red Blue Total
Single 10% 0% 0% 10%
Double 80% 0% 0% 80%
Triple 10% 0% 0% 10%
Total 100% 0% 0% 100%

Note: The flowers in fields are randomly generated, so the flower counts above may not be 100% accurate. The percentages should be roughly correct, however.

This field can spawn bitterberry, treat, honey, ticketenzymes, and magic bean tokens when collecting pollen.

Bees that like the Spider Field are Brave Bee, Commander Bee, Rage Bee, Shocked Bee, Demon Bee, Music Bee, Vector Bee, Gummy Bee, and Tabby Bee. Bees that dislike the Spider Field are Basic Bee, Honey Bee, and Baby Bee.

A level 2-4 Rogue Vicious Bee can spawn here.

Obtaining Boosts

  • Using the Field Booster may give a Spider Field Boost. When it does, it will give +200% Spider Field pollen for 15 minutes.

    The Spider Field Boost icon.

  • Using glitter will add 100% Spider Field pollen onto the current boost for 15 minutes if it isn't already maxed out.
  • Using field dice may add +100% Spider Field pollen for 15 minutes if the current boost isn't already maxed out.
  • Spider Field Winds can be obtained through the Wind Shrine or codes. They have a base of +20% instant Spider Field conversion, and give +5% instant Spider Field conversion and +20% Spider Field pollen for each stack. Spider Field Winds can stack up to a total of 13 times.
  • Purchasing a Spider Field Market Boost from the Boost Market will give x1.5 Spider Field Capacity, x1.25 Spider Field Pollen, -5% Monster Respawn Time, and x1.25 Convert Rate At Hive.
  • Redeeming certain valid codes:
    • Discord100k (Gives Spider Field Boost x3 + other stuff).
    • BANNED (Activates Spider Field Code Buff + other stuff).
    • 1MLikes (Gives Spider Field Boost x1 + other stuff).
    • WintersEnd (Activates Spider Field Code Buff + other stuff).
  • It can be boosted by the King Beetle Amulet. If it has a Spider Field Boost, it can boost the field by +1% to +100%.
  • It can be boosted by the Shell Amulet. If it has a Spider Field Boost, it can boost the field by +6% to +27% depending on the amulet rarity.

The methods below are no longer possible.

  • Giving a present to Onett gave Spider Field Boost x1 and other boosts and items.
  • Redeeming certain expired codes:
    • Tabby (Gave Spider Field Boost x1 + other stuff).
    • LateNightGumdrops (Gave Spider Field Boost x2 + other stuff).
    • GummyBoost (Gave Spider Field Boost x3 + other stuff).
    • ThnxCyaBoost (Gave Spider Field Boost x5 + other stuff).
    • AceUnhatched (Gave Spider Field Boost x5 + other stuff).
    • CantSleep (Gave Spider Field Boost x3 + other stuff).
    • 1mFavorites (Gave Spider Field Boost x1 + other stuff).
    • MayRuTreats (Gave Spider Field Boost x3 + other stuff).
    • ByeBeeBear (Gave Spider Field Boost x3 + other stuff).
    • Reboooot (Gave Spider Field Boost x4 + other stuff).
    • RebootCloud (Gave Spider Field Boost x3 and Spider Field Winds x3 + other stuff).
    • FuzzyReboot (Gave Spider Field Boost x3, Spider Field Winds x3, and Spider Field Capacity x3 + other stuff).
    • NewMic (Gave Spider Field Boost x3 + other stuff).


  • The Spider Field is the only field where all of the flowers are white. This also makes it the only field where all of the flowers are the same color, as there are no fields that are all blue or red.
  • There is a ticket hidden in the middle of the cave.
  • The spider, which resides in the Spider Cave, is similar to the cave monster, a mob that is found in the Werewolf's Cave.
  • There is a glitch that occurs at the Spider Field where amulets and cub buddy are spotted without an owner. This happens when a player left the server at the Spider Field.
  • This field, the Mountain Top Field, the Ant Field, and the Stump Field are the only fields that are not named after a plant or a fruit.
  • This field is one of Black Bear's favorite fields, as mentioned in his dialogue.
  • The Spider Cave, the Stump Field's Cave, and the Coconut Cave have the exact same cave decoration.
  • Snowbears spawn here when summoned by a player.
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