The sprout model.

A Sprout is a plant that spawns in fields. When players collect pollen from the field the sprout is in, it will grow larger until it explodes. Once this happens, it sends a shockwave effect outwards around it and various tokens throughout the field. There will be a number representing the amount of pollen needing to be collected until the sprout releases its goods, and the number will be higher in a higher-tier field compared to a lower-tier field. If no interaction with a sprout takes place for more than 5 minutes, it will despawn, where it drops into the ground and disappears.

Depending on where the sprout is planted, the number of treats spawned can be different.

  • A sprout in a red field will give 4 times more strawberries than in any other field. No blueberries will spawn. The Strawberry Field yields twice as many strawberries as other Red Fields.
  • A sprout in a blue Field yields 6 times more blueberries than in any other field. No strawberries will spawn.
  • A sprout in the Sunflower Field will give 7 times more sunflower seeds than in any other field.
  • A sprout in the Pineapple Patch will give 7 times more pineapples than in any other field.
  • A sprout in the 35 Bee Zone will give 20% more rewards than sprouts in other areas.
  • A sprout in the Coconut Field can give coconuts and tropical drinks in addition to other treats.
  • Other fields may produce more regular treats than any other treats depending on the field.

There are nine different types of sprouts:

  • Common/normal sprout (Green);
  • Rare sprout (Silver);
  • Epic sprout (Gold);
  • Legendary sprout (Light blue);
  • Supreme sprout (Glowing green) (Formerly named 'mythical sprout');
  • Moon sprout (Only available at night, 65% chance at nighttime, glowing silver and pale blue);
  • Gummy sprout (Special, translucent pink);
  • Festive sprout (Planted by festive beans or Onett, white and red stripes).
  • Debug sprout (Planted by Onett, black).

The amount of pollen needed for the sprout for it to be harvested depends on the rarity of the sprout and the field it's in.

Sprouts can spawn randomly in the map, and can also be summoned by using the Special Sprout Summoner near the Red HQ, by anyone who has discovered eight (all) Legendary bee types, every sixteen hours. They can also be planted using magic beans. When a sprout spawns, it will broadcast a server-wide message, "🌱A (Rarity) Sprout has appeared...🌱". If a player has planted a sprout, the message would read, "🌱{Username} has planted a (Rarity) Sprout...🌱".

As a sprout grows, the following audio is played once the sprout has hit the next respective stage:

The higher tier the sprout is, the more tokens spawn when fully harvested. The possible drops and amount of pollen needed for the sprout for it to be harvested are listed in the table below.

Sprout Type


Per Token

Royal Jelly Per Token

Treats Per

Honey Per



Crafting materials*

1 ticket
per token

1-3 royal jellies per

1 800 from


Silver egg, star jelly, crafting materials* 1 ticket
per token
1-3 royal jellies per
3 2,000 from


gold egg, star jelly, crafting materials* 1 ticket
per token
1-3 royal jellies
5 7,500 from

(Light Blue)

Diamond egg, star jelly, crafting materials* 1 ticket
per token
1-5 royal jellies per
10 10,000 from

(Transparent Pink)

Gumdrops, glueglitter x x x 4,500 from 1,000,000 to 50,000,000


(Glowing White Blue)

Glitter, moon charms, star jelly x x 1 1,500 from 500,000 to 25,000,000

(Glowing Green)

Diamond egg, star jelly, crafting materials* 1 ticket
per token
1-10 royal jellies per token 30 10,000 from 15,000,000 to 750,000,000


Bitterberry, neonberry, atomic treat x x x x from 10,000,000 to 30,000,000

(White and Red Stripes)

Festive blessing, beesmas cheer, gumdrops, crafting materials* 1 ticket per token 1 royal jelly per token 15 15,000 from 1,000,000 to 50,000,000

*Only red extract, blue extract, oil, enzymes, and glitter. If the sprout is in the Coconut Field, it will also be able to spawn coconuts and tropical drinks.



  • Rare, epic, and legendary sprouts will not always spawn an egg. The chance that any egg will appear is approximately 20%.
    • Unlike the other sprouts, the supreme sprout is guaranteed to spawn a diamond egg.
    • Every sprout that is able to spawn an egg can only spawn one per sprout.
  • Sprouts are one of the best ways to do Sun Bear, Science Bear, Mother Bear, and Spirit Bear quests which require collecting various treat tokens.
  • If the player turned in Stick Bug's Egg Hunt 2019 Quest, Stick Bug spawned an epic, legendary, and a supreme sprout.
  • Most sprout notifications are displayed in gold, but gummy sprout notifications are light purple; supreme, moon, debug sprouts are gray; and festive sprouts are red.
  • The supreme sprout previously required half the pollen that a legendary sprout would need. It now requires 50% more pollen than a legendary sprout.
  • Many of the treat drop statistics are mentioned in Spirit Bear's dialogue.
  • Sprouts were originally called "Seedlings".
  • Since the Beesmas 2019 update, Onett has been able to plant sprouts server-wide throughout the game. Similar to night bells, they can be planted under unique names.
    • Debug sprouts can only be planted by Onett. There is currently no other way to plant them.
  • Supreme sprouts were formerly named 'Mythical Sprouts' before the Beesmas 2019 update.
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