This page is for the Stick Bug NPC. For attack behavior and the actual challenge, please see the Stick Bug Challenge page.
Stick Bug is an NPC that is found on the tallest mushroom in the Mushroom Field and is accessible by using the Red Cannon/Yellow Cannon/Blue Cannon with the Parachute/Glider, or using the Beekeeper's Boots and jumping from the second mushroom to the one with the royal jelly. Players will need a translator to talk to Stick Bug, where they can then ask it to initiate the Stick Bug Challenge. Stick Bug then appears as a boss mob and always spawns in the Sunflower Field first. Upon defeat, it flees to a random field from this list:

Stick Bug jumps into the Sunflower Field when the Stick Bug Challenge is started, and will not return to the mushroom until the challenge ends. Near it is the Top Stick Bug Fighters leaderboard and the 2 stick/festive nymphs (which were only during the 2020 Beesmas Event). The player can start the Stick Bug Challenge for free every day (1d::00m:00s), by initiating it anytime for 50 tickets, or by giving Stick Bug a present during the 2018 or 2020 Beesmas Event which is no longer possible as the events ended.

During the Egg Hunt 2019 update, Stick Bug would plant an epic, legendary, and supreme (formerly named mythical) sprout after the player finished its Egg Hunt quest. Stick Bug is the only NPC that can spawn sprouts.


Quest Dialogue
Initial Talk without Translator Tsk tsk tsk tsk. T tuh tsk TSKK VRZz tsk tsk! (Stick Bug is speaking in bug noises)

(You are given a choice to use a translator or to leave.)


VRRZZZ. Tsk tsk.

-Give a Translator to Stick Bug-

(Skip to "Initial Talk with a Translator".)

Initial Talk with a Translator Hey there flesh-bug. Feeling brave? How about you and your friends join me in my dance? Once it starts. I'll hop into the fields. Deal as much damage to me as you can to me in 10 minutes to earn rewards. The higher the score the better they will be. What's it going to be?


Cold feet? I'll wait.

-Start the challenge-

Ok then - You're on flesh-bug!!

-Pay 50 Tickets to start the challenge-

Ok then - let's groove.

Giving a present (No longer available, translator required) Beesmas is just another day.

Like any other day, it's a day to boogie.

Holidays come and go.

They blow past me like leaves in the wind until they crumble away.

But me and my nymphs, we've been dancing forever.

Heh heh.

(asks if you want to give Stick Bug a Present)

(If you give it a present:)

You're full of surprises [sic], flesh-bug.

Let's take a look in the box.

A reel-to-reel machine? How did you fit this in there?

Very cool. Let me set this up.


Now let's give it a whirl.

(Stick Bug Challenge Starts)

Egg Hunt 2019 Quest (No longer available, translator required)

Hunting for eggs, we do it all the time. You've been hunting for eggs since you got here. Those secrets tucked away, with playful intention. They keep us on our toes- remind us that we don't have it all figured out. Easter eggs are everywhere if you know how to look for them. Here's one that's obvious.

(Stick Bug Challenge Starts)


(Normal talk after giving Translator)


I've been around so long that not much surprises me. I've got to keep things interesting myself. How about you, flesh bug?

Exclusive Beesmas Dialogue 2020 (Translator required) You beekeepers are funny with your seasonal traditions. You are given a choice to give a present to Stick Bug or continue talking like normal. You choose to give him a present. If you're having a tough year, remember things'll get better. Life is full of ups and downs. It's a bumpy ride, just gotta hang on tight. So, what did you bring me? ...(krumple krumple)... Hah! It's a wind-up "Get Stick Bugged" figurine. Yeah, of course I like that meme. Feels good to force even the non-beekeepers to hear my song when they least expect it. Speaking of, you better put this [Ornament] on the tree fast.

Egg Hunt 2019 Quest

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Quest Name Requirements Rewards
Egg Hunt: Stick Bug 25,000,000 Honey
5 Marshmallow Bees
5 Micro-Converters
5 Jelly Beans
An Epic Sprout
A Legendary Sprout
A Supreme Sprout

2019 Beesmas Ornament Quest

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Quest Requirements Rewards
Stick Bug's Ornament

Start Stick Bug Challenge (upon receiving quest)

5,000,000,000 Honey
5x Tickets
10x Tropical Drinks
Partridge in a Stick Bug Ornament

Stick Bug's Ornament

Quest Dialogue
Stick Bug's Ornament Hey there flesh bug. Feeling festive? I can get down with that. Beesmas - doesn't mean much to me. But it brings a jolly energy to the mountain that I can certainly vibe with. Been watching you all put [Ornaments] up on that tree. Gave me an idea for an [Ornament] of my own. I'll tell you more about it later.




So, my [Ornament] There's [sic] this Beesmas song, "The 12 Days of Beesmas" It lists days 12 days [sic entire sentence], and the first is this: A Partridge in a Pear Tree. I figure since I look sort of like a tree, my ornament could represent that. Here, I made it while we were[sic] doing a challenge: The [Partridge In A Stick Bug Ornament]. With this on the Beesmas Tree, you'll receive the following boosts: +10% Capacity; +10% Pollen; x1.25 Pollen from the Cactus Field; And x1.25 Pollen from the Pepper Patch. It's a little rough, but I never claimed to be good at arts and crafts. Dance is my art. Happy holidays.

2020 Beesmas Quest - Nymph Hats

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Quest Requirements Rewards
Stick Bug's Nymph Hats 50,000,000,000 Honey

x5 Gingerbread Bears

x50 Tickets

x250 Bitterberries

x10 Stingers

x10 Tropical Drinks

x1 Pinecone

Allows Festive Nymphs to spawn during the Stick Bug Challenge

Starts the Stick Bug Challenge

Quest Dialogue
Stick Bug's Nymph Hats Hey there flesh-bug. Your bees are looking pretty fresh with their new Beequips. The Stick Nymphs have definitely noticed. And now they want in on the fashion fun. They're pretty bummed about being left out. Can't even get them to dance. We've got to cheer them up. Think you could help me make some hats for the nymphs? If you do, I'll make it worth your while.




You pulled through, flesh-bug. These hats'll be a perfect fit. Go ahead Nymphs, try them on. Nice! They look dapper in those things and they're cheering up already. Now that the Stick Nymphs have hats, Festive Nymphs may spawn during challenges you start with me. Festive Nymphs give improved loot and grant a stack of "Festive Nymph Blessing" when you defeat them. That blessing gives bonus Capacity, Instant Bee Gather Conversion, Honey per pollen, and Bee Attack. It stacks up to 250 times and lasts 8 hours. Should be a nice boost to your hive. My Stick Nymphs are happy and raring to go to go. How about we test their new hats out now.


  • Stick Bug was the first raid boss to be added to the game.
  • If the player gave Stick Bug a Present, started its Egg Hunt quest, started its 2019 Beesmas Quest, or finished its 2020 Beesmas Quest, the Stick Bug Challenge would automatically start.
  • Stick Bug, Shadow Bear, and Spirit Bear are the only NPCs that dance.
    • Stick Bug was the second character to dance.
  • There is a glitch where Stick Bug may fall over from its regular location on top of the tallest mushroom. If this occurs, it will either be in the Dandelion Field, the Mushroom Field, or in between. Another glitch is on the Brave Bee Gate ramp you can walk to the bottom of the ramp and corner of the Bamboo Field where Stick Bug will get stuck and must teleport out.
  • Stick Bug, ants, commando chick, snowbear and Wild Windy Bee are the only mobs that can have a level higher than a bee can. (Level 21 or higher).
  • Stick Bug and Rogue Vicious Bee can be found in some of the same fields (Clover Field, Cactus Field, and Mountain Top Field).
  • Stick Bug gave the most honey when given a present (33,333,333 honey), the next being Panda Bear at only 5,000 honey.
  • Stick Bug can appear near the hives due to a glitch.
  • Stick Bug uses the Robot Animation Pack.
  • If Stick Bug moves to the Mountain Top Field, it has a chance of falling and getting stuck in the Pineapple Patch or Pumpkin Patch.
  • Stick Bug cannot be beaten, since every time its health reaches zero, its health increases, levels up, and jumps to another field. This quality is shared with Wild Windy Bee.
  • Stick Bug waves when the challenge ends.
  • Stick Bug is the only boss that gives out quests.
  • Stick Bug has the least quests of any NPC in the game, having only three, them being its Egg Hunt quest, its Beesmas 2019 ornament quest, and its Beesmas 2020 festive nymphs quest.
    • It is one of two quest giving NPCs that only has event quests, the other being Bubble Bee Man.
  • Stick Bug is the only boss who can talk (when given a translator).
  • Stick Bug is one of the three NPCs that requires a translator to interact with, the others being Gifted Riley Bee and Gifted Bucko Bee.
  • Stick Bug is aware that it is the "Get Stickbugged lol" meme according to its Beesmas 2020 dialogue (when you give it a present).
  • In Spirit Bear's dialogue, she states that stick bug scared her as a cub, which indicates that Stick Bug has been around for a long time.
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