A Stick Nymph from the side.

The Stick Nymph is a mob that is summoned by Stick Bug during the Stick Bug Challenge.
Stick nymphs will follow the player closest to them and will deal damage if they touch a player. Despite their low stats, stick nymphs are almost always in large groups, often overpowering weaker players.


Stick nymphs will drop 5 random tokens in a pentagonal formation when defeated.
Rewards can include:



  • Stick nymphs can follow the player out of the field and can either go through some objects, be obstructed by them, or go into certain locations, such as the King Beetle's Lair, which is not always the same as what the player cannot go through. This can allow the player to exploit them and deal damage from afar.
  • Stick nymphs also lose 1 health per second, so they can be defeated naturally. If their health drains to 0 without the player's help, they still will drop rewards.
  • Stick nymphs are unable to jump, so if you get on a platform higher than the Stick Nymph can reach, they cannot damage you.
  • Stick nymphs are the only mobs that can be summoned by another mob.
    • This is one of three mobs that cannot spawn naturally, as in you cannot simply walk in a field and fight it, the other mobs being ants and Stick Bug.
  • Stick nymphs were the first mob to drop tokens upon death. Stick Bug doesn't count because when Stick Bug's health drops to 0, it jumps to another field, meaning you cannot kill it.
  • Whenever stick nymphs spawn in the Strawberry Field, there is a glitch where they can go up the ramp.
  • Due to the large quantity of stick nymphs spawned, they are a good source of honey tokens for Honey Bee's quests.
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