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Stockings were a Beesmas 2020 machine that was unlocked after completing Brown Bear's Beesmas quest. They were located at the bottom of the hill that Brown Bear is on, next to the Clover Field. When used, they spawned a random beequip, as well as 2 random items in front of the stockings. It had a 1 hour cooldown.


Beequips (1 per use)

Other items (2 per use)



  • If the player attempted to use the Stockings before it was decorated, it would display text saying "This mantle looks so barren without Stockings on the hooks..."
  • Every time you used the Stockings, you could only get 1 of each item, excluding gumdrops and moon charms.
  • Tokens spawned by the Stockings could be collected by a token link.
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