The Stump Snail is a level 6 mob that defends the Stump Field. It has 30,000,000 health when it first spawns and moves in a circular pattern around the perimeter of the field. It does not attempt to attack the player along with having a very low speed, similar to real-life snails. The snail does 30 damage to the player without defense, but only if the player is located at the head or the front of the shell. That allows the player to move around the back of the shell, and collect tokens without being damaged.

Once defeated, it will take 96 hours (4 days) to respawn. If the player has Gifted Vicious Bee, the time is reduced to 81 hours and 36 minutes (3.4 days).

The health of the Snail will save every time the player leaves the field, until it is defeated. This prevents players from having to start over and can allow players to defeat the Snail in multiple sessions.

Drops (Known)





  • It is one of two mobs where dealt damage is saved, the other being Commando Chick. In Stump Snail's case, this is due to it being extremely tedious, long, and difficult even with a powerful hive to defeat it in a single session of playtime.
  • Stump Snail, King Beetle, and Stick Bug are the only mobs that can drop Amulets.
    • Stump Snail is the only mob that is guaranteed to drop an amulet.
  • This is the only mob that guarantees glue upon defeat.
  • This mob has the highest health out of all mobs.
  • It is not considered as a boss, despite its massive amount of health, mainly because it does not directly attack the player.
  • Sometimes a Stump Snail can be seen rapidly glitching around in its cave. Usually, the Stump Snail doesn't belong to the actual player and will remain there even when entering the field. It may also glitch out and go to the Pineapple Patch.
  • The caves of the Stump Snail, Coconut Crab, and the spider have the same appearance.
  • As of the 2/1/2019 update, this, Rogue Vicious Bee, King Beetle (if he drops a King Beetle Amulet), and ants are the only mobs that do not drop tokens when it dies. It instead goes straight to the player's inventory like how drops used to do before the update.
    • Even though the Stump Snail does not drop tokens, the total amount of honey dropped is increased by Honey From Tokens.
  • Spirit Bear refers to the Stump Snail as "Ol' Stumpy", which some believe is a reference to the YouTuber ThnxCya because he is also known to refer to the snail as "Ol' Stumpy" as well.
  • Although the player's bees cannot attack other players' Stump Snail directly, it is possible to damage other players' Stump Snail with flames.
  • Stump Snail originally had 25,000,000 health prior to the 4/5/2019 update. This change was due to most bees' attacks being buffed.
    • If the player had damaged their Stump Snail prior to the 4/5/2019 update, the Stump Snail's HP stayed the same because of the HP saving.
  • Rarely, the stump snail will shake violently while traveling around the field. This can be a nuisance, as your bees have a hard time hitting it as it shakes. If this glitch occurs, leave and rejoin the game.
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