The Computer.

The Computer is a green screen located between the Windy Bee Gate and the Red HQ. It is involved with the Ready Player Two event. It has an ellipses (...) written on it, it becomes transparent, and can be interacted with.


When interacted with when wearing the Strange Goggles, the player will see Digital Bee appear and give the player certain puzzles to complete in order to get the How to Program BASIC cosmetic hat. Only after when the player finishes all puzzles given by Digital Bee will then be able to enter the computer to receive a Star Jelly as a reward with the How to Program BASIC cosmetic floating in Digital Bee's original spot. When inside, the music that plays in the 30 Bee Zone and 35 Bee Zone is also played here.


NOTE: The table below shows the guides to completing the three puzzles from Digital Bee. If you wish to complete the puzzles on your own, do NOT open the table below. The same table is on the Digital Bee page.

Puzzle Guide Example Reward
Puzzle 1 Upon interacting with The Computer, Digital Bee will flash 4 symbols, acting as a code. Go to the Dandelion Field and use your collector to reveal and change to the appropriate symbols left to right, with the first symbol closest to the Sunflower Field. If done right, a sound will play, and the symbols are replaced with happy faces. Digital Bee signals ? * ~ {. Therefore, the first symbol is ?, then *, then ~, and last {. 1x Royal Jelly, Honey
Puzzle 2 After the first puzzle is done, upon interacting with The Computer, Digital Bee will disappear, and begin teleporting around the Sunflower, Clover, and Mushroom Field. At a field, Digital Bee will continuously flash 3 symbols, & ~ *. Then, you will have to uncover the hidden symbols with your collector and change them into the right sequence. The combination is always:
Sunflower = &
Clover = *
Mushroom = ~
When entered, the symbols will change into happy faces and a sound will play.
N/A 1x Royal Jelly, 8x Gumdrops
Puzzle 3 After the second puzzle is done, upon interacting with The Computer, Digital Bee will flash 4 letters. The 4 letters are Sunflower, Dandelion, Mushroom, and Clover. In each of the 4 fields, a symbol can be revealed with your collector. In the order of the fields flashed by Digital Bee, reveal the symbols left to right in the Blue Flower Field, with the first symbol closest to the 5 Bee Gate. If done right, a sound will play, and the symbols are replaced with happy faces. Digital Bee flashes DSMC.
Dandelion shows *
Sunflower shows &
Mushroom shows ?
Clover shows ~
Therefore, the right combination in this example is *&?~.
1x Atomic Treat, 8x Ticket


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