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The ticket shop.

The ticket tent.

The x2 ticket chance gamepass (unobtainable).

Tickets are an inventory item and a form of currency that can be used to purchase items such as gumdrops, stingers, and royal jellies. It's also used to buy things from the Ticket Tent, namely certain Event bees, gold eggs, star treats, and a cub buddy. Tickets can also be used to speed up the process of Blender when crafting items. Tickets also have the face of a Basic Bee.

To see how much honey it would cost if you buy tickets with honey, see the Ticket Shop page (The calculation formula hasn't been known since the 11/25/2018 update because the cost increases in a very complex way).

Ways to Obtain

  • The player can obtain tickets as a reward for acquiring badges. Collecting badges gives 5 tickets for earning Cadet badges, 10 tickets for earning Hotshot badges, 15 tickets for earning Ace badges, 25 tickets for earning Master badges, and 40 tickets for earning Grandmaster badges.
  • The player can buy tickets from the Ticket Shop, located outside the Mountain Top Shop.
  • Very rarely, flowers will generate a ticket token instead of a honey or treat token when collecting pollen. The base probability is around 1/1000 (0.1%), although it does increase with Loot Luck.
    • The x2 Ticket Chance, which was removed in the 7/11/2018 update, doubled this chance.
    • Moon amulets have a chance of generating ticket chance as one of its stats.
  • Some bears give tickets as rewards for completing quests (See the quest lists on the bears' pages to see which quests give tickets).
  • There is a chance of getting a ticket as a reward for killing mobs. The probability depends on the type of mob as well as on your Loot Luck, while Tunnel Bear, Stump Snail, and King Beetle are guaranteed to grant tickets upon defeat. Wild Windy Bee will also yield ticket tokens.
  • Collecting pollen from sparkles may yield tickets, be it from faces or fireflies.
  • There are ticket tokens hidden in various places – see locations below.
  • Redeeming certain valid codes:
    • 38217 (Gives 5 tickets).
    • Bopmaster (Gives 5 tickets).
    • Cog (Gives 5 tickets).
    • Crawlers (Gives 5 tickets).
    • Roof (Gives 5 tickets).
    • Connoisseur (Gives 5 tickets).
    • Discord100k (Gives 3 tickets + other stuff).
    • Wax (Gives 5 tickets + other stuff).
    • Wink (Gives 5 tickets + other stuff).
    • 1MLikes (Gives 1 ticket + other stuff).
  • Buying them from the Robux Shop.
  • Popping a normal, rare, epic, legendary, supreme, or festive sprout often yields ticket tokens (The rarer the sprout, the more tickets it will yield; rare sprouts and above guarantee tickets).
  • Honeystorms are guaranteed to spawn ticket tokens (increments of 1-5 tickets per field).
  • The Wealth Clock gives tickets every hour after interacting with it, and increases incrementally every hour, stopping at the fifth (1 ticket first time, 2 second time, 3 third time, 4 fourth time, and 5 fifth time and onwards).
  • As a rare drop from Festive Gifts.
  • Winning them from Normal, Mega, and Extreme Memory Match.
  • Through a cub buddy gift.
  • The Commando Chick will always drop 1 ticket upon being captured.
    • Capturing it on the 25th time gives 99 extra tickets for a total of 100 tickets.
  • As a common drop from a meteor.

The following methods are no longer possible.

  • As a drop from Stockings (Only possible during Beesmas 2020).
  • Opening the Paper Gift Box gives 20 tickets and other items (Only possible during Beesmas 2020).
  • On his third visit, Sun Bear gave 250 tickets as the prize for finishing his quests.
  • Snowbear, a mob exclusive to Beesmas 2020, granted tickets upon defeat.
  • Completing Bee Bear's Festive Bee Workshop 3 and A Beesmas Miracle quests before or after purchasing the Festive Bee Pack and Cub Buddy Launch Pack would grant 500 and 250 extra tickets respectively. In addition, obtaining Festive Bee from the Festive Present in Beesmas 2019 or the Festive Fight Finale quest in Beesmas 2020 also refunded the player's 500 tickets.


Tickets may only be claimed from each of these spots once.

  1. On top of the biggest pineapple in the Pineapple Patch. This token grants 3 tickets (To get it, use the Parachute or Glider and glide down from a high spot).
  2. In the back of Red HQ, near the ceiling (The best way to get it seems to be to get x5 Haste, climb on top of the teleporter, jump up and walk on the edge of the leaderboard, and then glide to the ticket. The enhanced jump ability granted by certain hats, boots, and/or the bear morph will also help).
  3. In the very back left corner inside the Mountain Top Shop.
  4. On a "cloud" fairly high above the Pine Tree Forest and Pumpkin Patch. This token grants 5 tickets. (Jump off the tip of the red shoulder guard of the 30 Bee Gate, then glide or parachute down to it).
  5. On a small ledge between the Lion Bee Gate and the Brave Bee Gate. This token grants 5 tickets. Use the slingshot and move yourself to the left. Parachute at the right moment to land on the rock. Alternative: Jump down from in front of the Lion Bee Gate. A Parachute/Glider can be helpful, but not absolutely necessary.
  6. Behind the red shoulder guard of the Bear Gate (i.e. inside the 30 Bee Area). This token grants 10 tickets.
  7. On the awning over Mother Bear's area. (Easily reached from the ramp that leads to the Honey Bee Gate).
  8. On top of the Ant Gate. This token grants 5 tickets.
  9. Behind the Honey Dispenser in the Lava Obby. Upon entering, immediately turn right. This token gives 3 tickets. This replaced one of the Plastic Egg locations.
  10. Underneath the Basic Bee Gate ramp, where Honey Bee used to be. This token gives 3 tickets. This replaced one of the plastic egg locations.
  11. In the Blue Maze, turn left and then take the first right. This grants 5 tickets. This replaced one of the Plastic Egg locations.
  12. Inside the tunnel behind the Coconut Dispenser in the Coconut Cave. This token grants 5 tickets (In addition, there used to be a ticket token on the rise between the Noob Shop and the hives, where Sun Bear's RV was parked for his Spring visit, but it disappeared after Sun Bear left).



Pollen β€’ Honey β€’ Ticket β€’ Snowflake β€’ Gingerbread Bear
Regular Ticket symbol.png Ticket β€’ Beequip Case.png Beequip β€’ Gumdrops icon.png Gumdrops β€’ Coconut.png Coconut β€’ Stinger.png Stinger β€’ Mconv.png Micro-Converter β€’ Fdice.png Field Dice β€’ Jelly Beans.png Jelly Beans β€’ Red Extract.png Red Extract β€’ Blue Extract.png Blue Extract β€’ Glitter.png Glitter β€’ Glue.png Glue β€’ Oil.png Oil β€’ Enzymes.png Enzymes β€’ TropicalDrinkInventory.png Tropical Drink β€’ Purplepotion.png Purple Potion β€’ Super Smoothie.png Super Smoothie β€’ MagicBean.png Magic Bean β€’ CloudVial.png Cloud Vial β€’ Night Bell.png Night Bell β€’ Ant pass.png Ant Pass β€’ Boxofrogs.png Box-O-Frogs β€’ Treat.png Treats β€’ Basic Egg.png Eggs β€’ RJ.png Royal Jelly
or Event
Eviction.png Eviction β€’ Plastic Egg.png Plastic Egg β€’ MarshmallowBee.png Marshmallow Bee β€’ FestiveBeans.png Festive Bean β€’ Spirit Petal-1.png Spirit Petal β€’ Present.png Present β€’ Translator.png Translator β€’ HoneyJar BlackBear'sOrnament.png Ornaments β€’ 7 cog.png 7-Pronged Cog β€’ Snowflake.png Snowflake β€’ Gingerbread bear.png Gingerbread Bear
Scooper.png Scooper β€’ Rake.png Rake β€’ Clippers.png Clippers β€’ Magnet.png Magnet β€’ Vacuum.png Vacuum β€’ Super-Scooper.png Super-Scooper β€’ Pulsar.png Pulsar β€’ Electro-Magnet.png Electro-Magnet β€’ Scissors.png Scissors β€’ Honey Dipper.png Honey Dipper β€’ Bubble Wand.png Bubble Wand β€’ Scythe.png Scythe β€’ Golden Rake.png Golden Rake β€’ Spark Staff.png Spark Staff β€’ PorcelainDipper.png Porcelain Dipper β€’ Petal Wand Petal Wand
Sprinklers Basic Sprinkler.png Basic Sprinkler β€’ Silver Soakers.png Silver Soakers β€’ Golden Gushers.png Golden Gushers β€’ DiamondDrenchers.png Diamond Drenchers β€’ TheSupremeSaturatorOriginal.png The Supreme Saturator
Parachute.png Parachute β€’ Glider.png Glider
Bags Pouch.png Pouch β€’ Jar.png Jar β€’ Backpack.png Backpack β€’ Canister.png Canister β€’ Mega-Jug.png Mega-Jug β€’ Compressor.png Compressor β€’ Elite Barrel.png Elite Barrel β€’ Port-O-Hive.png Port-O-Hive β€’ Red Port-O-Hive.png Red Port-O-Hive β€’ Blue Port-O-Hive.png Blue Port-O-Hive β€’ Porcelain O Hive.png Porcelain Port-O-Hive β€’ CoconutCanister.png Coconut Canister
Guards Brave Guard.png Brave Guard β€’ Hasty Guard.png Hasty Guard β€’ Bomber Guard.png Bomber Guard β€’ Looker Guard.png Looker Guard β€’ Blue Guard.png Blue Guard β€’ Elite Blue Guard.png Elite Blue Guard β€’ Bucko Guard.png Bucko Guard β€’ Cobalt Guard.png Cobalt Guard β€’ Red Guard.png Red Guard β€’ Elite Red Guard.png Elite Red Guard β€’ Riley Guard.png Riley Guard β€’ linl=Crimson Guard Crimson Guard
Hats Helmet.pngHelmet β€’ Propeller.pngPropeller Hat β€’ BeekeepersMask.pngBeekeeper's Mask β€’ Honey Mask.png Honey Mask β€’ Fire Mask.png Fire Mask β€’ Bubble Mask.png Bubble Mask β€’ Demon Mask.png Demon Mask β€’ Diamond Mask.png Diamond Mask β€’ Gummy Mask.png Gummy Mask β€’ B.B.M. Mask.png B.B.M. Mask β€’ B.B.M. Mask.png Mondo B.B.M. Mask
Belts Belt Pocket-0.png Belt Pocket β€’ Belt Bag.png Belt Bag β€’ Mondo Belt Bag.PNG Mondo Belt Bag β€’ Honeycomb Belt.png Honeycomb Belt β€’ Petal Belt.png Petal Belt
Boots Basic Boots.png Basic Boots β€’ Hiking Boots.png Hiking Boots β€’ Beekeeper's Boots.png Beekeeper's Boots β€’ CoconutClogsShop.png Coconut Clogs β€’ Gummy Boots.png Gummy Boots
Amulets King Beetle Amulet.png King Beetle Amulet β€’ Silver Ant Amulet.png Ant Amulet β€’ Silver Star Amulet.png Star Amulet β€’ Moon Amulet.png Moon Amulet β€’ SilverShell.png Shell Amulet β€’ SilverStick.png Stick Bug Amulet
Beesmas ElfCap.png Elf Cap β€’ SingleMitten.png Single Mitten β€’ Warm Scarf.png Warm Scarf β€’ Peppermint Antennas.png Peppermint Antennas β€’ Beesmas Top.png Beesmas Top β€’ Pinecone.png Pinecone β€’ Icicles.png Icicles β€’ Beesmas Tree Hat.png Beesmas Tree Hat β€’ Bubble Light.png Bubble Light β€’ Snow Tiara.png Snow Tiara β€’ Snowglobe.png Snowglobe β€’ Reindeer Antlers.png Reindeer Antlers β€’ Toy Horn.png Toy Horn β€’ PaperAngel.png Paper Angel β€’ ToyDrum.png Toy Drum β€’ LumpOfCoal.png Lump Of Coal β€’ Poinsettia.png Poinsettia β€’ ElectricCandle.png Electric Candle β€’ Festive Wreath.png Festive Wreath