The Ticket Tent is a shop containing items that may be purchased only with tickets. It is located just behind the Red Cannon, near the hives.

The shop sells six bees and two other items.

Item Cost Description
Gold Egg
Gold Egg
50 Tickets A special golden bee egg. Hatches into an Epic or Legendary Bee!
Star Treat
Star Treat
1000 Tickets Turns A bee into A gifted bee! Gifted Bees have many perks, including increased stats and bonuses for your entire swarm.
Photon Bee
Photon Bee Egg
500 Tickets An entity made of pure light! Fires beams from the sky to collect massive amounts of pollen at once.
Tabby Bee
Tabby Bee Egg
500 Tickets

(Originally 250)

An affectionate bee who becomes a harder worker as it warms up to you.
Gummy Bee
Gummy Bee Egg
500 Tickets A squishy bee who's sweet as sugar. Covers flowers in goo to grant you bonus honey!
Crimson Bee
Crimson Bee Egg
250 Tickets Defender of all things red! Excels in hives with many Red Bees. Has enhanced abilities when working with Cobalt Bee.
Cobalt Bee
Cobalt Bee Egg
250 Tickets Defender of all things blue! Excels in hives with many Blue Bees. Has enhanced abilities when working with Crimson Bee.
Puppy Bee
Puppy Bee Egg
500 Tickets (Originally 250) This bee loves to play! Throw its tennis ball around to collect pollen! Keep the ball going to win Treats!


  • The only bees in-shop that could be obtained without tickets, for a limited time, was Gummy Bee and Festive Bee.
  • The only Event Bees that aren't in the Ticket Tent are Bear Bee, Vicious Bee, and Festive Bee. Bear Bee is also the only bee you can get from Robux only and Festive Bee isn't in the shop yet.
  • There is a royal jelly token on top of the ticket tent. It is mentioned in one of the Sun Bear dialogues.
  • Buying a Star Treat here along with getting from quest rewards are the only way to get Star Treats without robux.
  • If you have the Goo Hotshot badge, you can go up to the Gummy Bee (Go behind it) on top of the tent and use Gumdrops to enter Gummy Bear's Lair.
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