The main purpose of tools is to gather pollen. Some tools have special abilities that help assist in the the gathering process, while some collect better from certain colored flowers. All tools can be boosted through the Pollen From Tools stat. There are currently 16 tools in the game.

Every player will start out with the Scooper. Better tools can be bought in different shops, with the Noob Shop selling the cheapest tools ranging from 0-14,000 honey. The Pro Shop follows with tools ranging from 40k-1.5m honey, while the Red HQ and Blue HQ both have 1 tool each that can be bought for 3.5m honey. The Mountain Top Shop has the second most expensive tools, with prices that range from 20m-150m honey. The current most expensive tool in the game is the Petal Wand, which can be bought for 1.5b honey and various crafting materials in the Petal Shop.

The player is able to auto-click their pollen collector by holding down the mouse button on a computer. On a mobile device, holding on an open part of the screen will do the same.

This is a list of all 16 tools in the game:

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