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The Top Riley Bee Helpers as of 3/24/20.

The Global Top Riley Bee Helpers Leaderboard is found on the roof of the Red HQ next to Gifted Riley Bee. It is one of nine leaderboards in game, with the others being the Global Top Battlers Leaderboard, the Global Top Ant Exterminators Leaderboard, the Top Bucko Bee Helpers, the Top Stick Bug Fighters, the All-Time Top Honeymakers, the Daily Top Honeymakers, and the Fastest Crab Slayers. It displays the top 100 people who've completed the most quests from Gifted Riley Bee. It is big enough to show 10 leaderboard positions at a time. If you stand on the white circle you can see how many Gifted Riley Bee quests you've completed. Currently, the Top Riley Bee Helper is Wyldemaverick with 813 quests completed.


  • In December 2019, BOSPORICH was the first person to complete 1,000 quests.
    • Possibly during January 2020, BOSPORICH was removed from the leaderboard with his 1,000+ quest completions. He was also removed from the Top Bucko Bee Helpers leaderboard. 

Table of Top Three

Note: This table was last updated on 3/24/20 at 10:12 PM PST.

Top 3 Riley Bee Helpers Total Quests Completed
Wyldemaverick 871
MiraFitri 857
Star2244Crusher 769
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