I like to draw.

Link to one of the best songs ever!

I like to play BSS.

I have the Honeycomb belt, porcelain equipment, Bubble&Fire masks.

I am currently saving up for the Gummy mask.

My favorite bees are Ninja bee, Basic bee and Gummy bee.

I no longer exist in the pvz2 fan wiki discussions.

I like my BSS test realm account because I hatched a Riley bee, got a Gifted Rage bee from 30 Strawberries and Don't get dupes when using RJs on my bees.

I also can't get the damn Baby bee in there!

If you want a birthday card and aren't on my birthday list then you can message me, but please tell me your favorite bees, mobs, etc or else the card will be very random. And if you can tell it a few days BEFORE your birthday.

Bday card may or may not happen due to life.


Bday List

XToyxX - July 13

1EjTheCoke - August 6

Itsfantomgamer - November 21

Itsmethunderpikachu5 - April 22

GumdropTheGummyBee - August 25

Ethanthegreat1305 - September 13

GalaxyGourmet - January 18

LuckyFlower05 - January 18

Hypxr - February 2

DvH2 - September 13

Trigger The Rage Bee - June 24

JoshDaNoob - April 1

Amazingamer360 - February 22

TBlockOfficial - June 6

RoMaster1010 - October 23

TriggeredVicky - May 20

5432wert - July 24

KamdenIsFabulouse - October 2

TacoMan64 - October 1

CosmicSkyy - July 31

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