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I like to draw.

Link to one of the best songs ever!

I like to play BSS.

I have the Honeycomb belt, porcelain equipment, Gummy mask.

I am currently saving up for the coco stuff.

My favorite bees are Ninja bee, Basic bee and Gummy bee.

I might be online now (never sure).

Bday List

GalaxyGourmet - January 18

Luckyflower05 - January 18

Hypxr - February 2

Itsmethunderpikachu5 - April 22 (blocked)

Trigger The Rage Bee - June 24

CosmicSkyy - July 31

1EjTheCoke - August 6

GumdropTheGummyBee - August 25

Ethanthegreat1305 - September 13

DvH2 - September 13

TacoMan64 - October 1

Cool123313 - November 10

Itsphantomgamer - November 21 (blocked)

Well, now that I've organised the list, why are there 2 pairs of same bday people on my 13 people list