aka Blaze

  • I live in Phoenix, Arizona
  • I was born on August 7
  • My occupation is Sleeping
  • I am a Phoenix bee

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you I am a person. I will still be a person in a year. I will STILL be a person in ten years. I WILL STILL BE A PERSON IN DECADES. I liek pizza too. Ima Phoenix bee

I know more about you than you know about me....

  1. You are a bss player
  1. You are more than a year old
  2. You have some sort of device that you are looking at right now
  3. You have a birthday
  4. You have eyes
  5. You have a mouth
  6. You have a nose
  7. You have ears
  8. You are completely weirded out right now
  9. You are reading this
  10. You are either a male or female
  11. you are a human
  12. this is the end of the list

    Meh roblox avitar (credit to cybunzomega)

Check out my wiki Legends of mysteria!

Q&A cuz why not


Phoenix bee art(credit to Gamma photon bee)

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  • Night bell
  • Items

Hey my name is blazeplays or blaze for short.

I like music bee, vicious bee, and vector bee.

I liek magic beans,royal jellies, and cloud vials

I have 37 bees and have discovered 36 types of bees

I have mostly ace badges and two master badges

I have gotten all three event badges.

I have honey mask, porcealean dipper, bucko and riley guards, beekepers boots, mondo belt bag, and porcelain port-o-hive.

silver star amulet

King beetle amulet

Moon amulet (10th one)

Gold ant amulet

Science bear-hive minded bias

Black bear-repeatable quests

Brown bear-hardest quests

Mother bear-completed

Onett-star journey 2

Spirit bear-QR code

Riley bee-5th quest

Bucko bee-1st quest

My friends(on roblox) are:


Windstorm bee

Screenshot 2019-12-07-16-36-40 kindlephoto-726832485

Trigger the rage bee





If you want to be my friend my username is blaze21635

  • Oil from mantis
  • Gifted vicious bee

  • What i see when a sprout bursts



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