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Hello! My name's Josh, you might know me from my youtube channel or somewhere else :). I play BSS a tinyyyy bit


  • Demon, Gummy, and Diamond mask. I mainly use Gummy Mask
  • Crimson and Cobalt guards
  • Coconut Canister
  • Petal Wand
  • The Supreme Saturator
  • Petal Belt
  • Gummy Boots


  • Supreme Star amulet with gummysaw
  • Diamond Stickbug amulet
  • Supreme Ant amulet
  • Perfect King Beetle amulet
  • Moon Charm amulet
  • Supreme Shell amulet

Hive: White hive

  • 50 Gifted Bees
  • Level 1vl 18/19 bees


  • Honey Grandmaster (490t)
  • All field Grandmaster badges
  • Quest, Ability, and Battle Master

In order from highest priority to lowest

  • kinda just afking and vibing right now, getting the badges below and stocking up resources for the update, i have 130t saved hoping to be one of the first to get the 100t item
  • ability gm
  • battle gm
  • quest gm