Ninja bee hatched from a Black bear's silver egg into the hive of a new beekeeper. The beekeeper was a loving person who loved their bees, one day when Ninja bee was feasting on sunflover seeds something magical happened, it turned gifted! All of the hive was happy for the bee. As the time passed the beekeeper became better and was now a pro who had all the sprinklers and masks, but with that the beekeeper grew distant from the bees they would just collect pollen, activate the bees' tokens and make honey ignoring their bees.

One day Ninja bee was take out of it's hive slot, the bee was confused as to why would it's owner take it out of it's hive especially in the middle of the night. The bee was taken to an underground lab of sorts and was being taken somewhere in it. While being brought to it's destination it overheard phrases like "special bees", "failed experiment" as a screem could be heard from that room, "injections" and "test subjects".

The bee could see a glass cage the size of a bee and a lot of people in white that looked like scientists as it was taken into the room. It looked at it's owner with a confused look but they didn't pay attention to the Ninja bee. The bee could see the cage getting closer as it realised what were they going to do to it, but it was too late as Ninja bee hit the bottom of the cage and saw the opening throug which it was thrown into being closed. Suddenly Ninja bee felt something piercing it before the world black.

It  woke up to hear the scientists saying that thos was yet another failed experiment and that the bee now also wasn't able to turn gifted even with the use of a star treat. It saw the scientists hand over 1b honey to it's owner as compensation for the bee, after getting the honey it's owner left the room without looking back. One of the scientists said that he'll throw this bee out and then the scientist approached the now confused and angry bee who had it's owner abandon it after taking it's chance of ever being gifted again, and the scientist injected somthing into it.

Ninja bee woke up in a forest this time, it had no idea where to go and how to get out bu it swore that one day it will find all of the scientists and it's former owner and make them pay for what what they have done.

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