Votes are in! Before the winners are announced, let's see what the brackets were... The first bracket was:

And the second bracket was:

I should also note that DiamondMiner325 is still in this tournament. They just got a BYE into the finale. But who will join them? Well, I'm proud to announce, your winners are..

  • 10midnight10!
  • CrazyCow12!

Great effort! The tournament isn't over yet. These three will battle one last time for the prized reward ($20), winner takes all. Art will need to be submitted by December 21st, 11:59PM PST.

In the mean time, you can look at previous rounds of art. How pretty.

Round 1 Submissions Winner
10midnight10 Now 10midnight10
Grahamcrackeryt 1F5C087D-3518-45DA-ABF4-1E0FCBE05D76
Round 1 Submissions Winner
TheBigMack12 JoshDaNoob
JoshDaNoob Round1Artwork JoshDaNoob
Round 1 Submissions Winner
Blazeplaysyt IMG 0677 kindlephoto-645133524 Blazeplaysyt
Round 1 Submissions Winner
Cbkguy Art2 DiamondMiner325
DiamondMiner325 275CE586-529D-44BB-B32E-EE8748793BA0
Round 1 Submissions Winner
CrazyCow12 Tourney1 CrazyCow12

Round 2 Submissions Winner
10midnight10 Ok.2 10midnight10
JoshDaNoob JoshDaNoob'sArtTournament Round2
Round 2 Submissions Winner
Blazeplaysyt IMG 20191215 202811 kindlephoto-1268907623 CrazyCow12
CrazyCow12 Christmas Vespequen
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