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Vicious Bee
"This cold-blooded bee takes great pleasure in inflicting pain."





This page is for the tamed version of Vicious Bee. For the hostile version, see Rogue Vicious Bee.

Vicious Bee is a Blue Event bee. It can be claimed for 250 stingers at the Vicious Bee Egg Claim.

Like all other Event bees, this bee does not have any favorite treat. The two known ways to make it gifted is by feeding it a star treat or gingerbread bears.

Vicious Bee likes the Cactus Field and the Rose Field. It dislikes the Dandelion Field.



  • [Impale] Summons spikes (1 per level) to damage enemies equal to 5% of their current health (Increased by Vicious Bee's attack. Damage reduced past 1000). Creates a honey token per enemy hit (worth 50 honey plus 50 per bee level). Multiple spikes on the same target deal less damage. Impale can damage mobs that target other players, but will not target other players' Tunnel Bear, King Beetle, Stump Snail, or Coconut Crab.
  • [Blue Bomb+] Collects 10 pollen from 29 surrounding blue flowers (+10% pollen per lvl). Combo with other bombs to increase power.
Mob Normal respawn time Reduced respawn time Difference
Ladybug/Rhino Beetle 5:00 4:15 0:45
Mantis/Scorpion 20:00 17:00 3:00
Spider/Cave Monster/Commando Chick 30:00 25:30 4:30
Werewolf 60:00 51:00 9:00
King Beetle 24:00:00 20:24:00 3:36:00
Coconut Crab 36:00:00 30:36:00 5:24:00
Tunnel Bear 48:00:00 40:48:00 7:12:00
Stump Snail 96:00:00 81:36:00 14:24:00

Vicious Bee has a base pollen collection of 10 WhiteFlowerLarge.png in 4 seconds.

That's equivalent to 2.5 WhiteFlowerLarge.png per second.

(20 WhiteFlowerLarge.png in 4 seconds with x2 Bee Pollen gamepass)

Pollen Collection
Flower Tier Bee Pollen with Critical Hit
without Melody with Melody
Single 10 20 30
Double 20 40 60
Triple 30 60 90
Large 40 80 120
Star 50 100 150

Vicious Bee can make 80 HoneyDrop.png in 4 seconds!

That's equivalent to 20 HoneyDrop.png per second.

(80 HoneyDrop.png in 2 second/s with x2 Honeymaking Speed)

Honey Collection with Science Enhancement

Science Enhancement Production Rate Number of Produced Honey
1 25% 100
2 50% 120
3 75% 140
4 100% 160
5 125% 180
6 150% 200
7 175% 220
8 200% 240

Science Enhancement Production Rate Number of Produced Honey
9 225% 260
10 250% 280
11 275% 300
12 300% 320
13 325% 340
14 350% 360
15 375% 380
16 400% 400



  • Gifted Vicious Bee's impale ability gets golden-colored spikes, instead of the normal colored (gray) ones. The Impale ability does more base damage when gifted due to the +50% gifted attack bonus. The attack bonus is applied to the bee itself, but it indirectly increases the amount of damage Impale does—though this is not a significant buff due to the majority of Impale's attack scaling off of mob health.
  • Vicious Bee is the only bee who can summon an ability token that directly attacks enemies. It is also the only blue bee that likes the Rose Field.
  • Vicious Bee may like the Rose Field and the Cactus Field due to the fact that roses and cacti have thorns on them. The rogue version can also spawn in both of these fields.
    • On the contrary, it may dislike the dandelion field because dandelions are soft.
  • Vicious Bee and Windy Bee are the only bees to have a hostile variant.
  • Vicious Bee is one of the four Event bees who have different colored faces on their hive slot rather than the bee itself, the others being Cobalt Bee, Crimson Bee, and Festive Bee.
  • It would cost the player 2500 tickets if they were to buy all 250 stingers from the Stinger Shop to get a Vicious Bee, which makes it the hardest bee to get by spending tickets.
  • Vicious Bee, Ninja Bee, and Cobalt Bee are the only blue bees that don’t like blueberries.
  • Vicious Bee, Puppy Bee, Crimson Bee, Cobalt Bee, and Windy Bee are the only Event bees that don't have an 'enhanced' ability if gifted.
  • Vicious Bee, Bear Bee, Gummy Bee, and Windy Bee are the only Event bees that cannot be purchased in the Ticket Tent. These four bees, along with Festive Bee and Puppy Bee, are also the only Event bees that can/could be obtained without spending tickets. Gummy Bee was in the Ticket Tent at one point however.
  • Onett has stated that the reason a First Edition Vicious Bee does not exist is because there is no room for a 1st Flag on its back with the spikes.
  • This, the Stick Bug Amulet, and the Spider Field Market Boost are the only sources of the -% Mob Respawn Time stats.
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