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The Wealth Clock is a machine that boosts Honey Per Pollen and grants tickets. The Wealth Clock is located next to Brown Bear and the Honeystorm Summoner.

To use the clock, the player will need to have discovered 5 types of bees. The clock can only be used every hour. Each use grants x1.01 Honey Per Pollen, which stacks up to 5 times, with a maximum of x1.05 Honey Per Pollen. The Wealth Clock is also able to award tickets, starting at 1 for the first use, increasing the amount of tickets awarded by 1 for every subsequent use until capping at 5 tickets, on which the Wealth Clock will only produce 5 tickets per use. Every subsequent use will award the player 5 tickets. Every time it does, it will say the following:

"[🕒 The Wealth clock is fully powered! 🕒]

[It prints 5 Tickets per hour!]

[Remember, it resets if you leave the game.]

[+5 Tickets (From Wealth Clock)]"

Sound Effect


  • There is a 15-minute grace period (can be offline for 15 minutes) until the Wealth Clock buff resets. This means the player can exit and rejoin, while still maintaining the boost, as long as they join within the 15-minute grace period.
  • The player can obtain wealth clock boost by redeeming certain valid codes:
    • 500mil (Activates Wealth Clock Buff x5 + other stuff).
    • 1MLikes (Activates Wealth Clock Buff x1 + other stuff).
    • 3YearParty (Activates Wealth Clock Buff x5 + other stuff).


  • The Wealth Clock is located where the Honeystorm Summoner used to be.
  • As of the 11/25/2018 update, it increases the number of tickets it prints each interval. It will also start printing tickets the moment the player starts using it, but the player has to be in the server for 1 hour to use it instead of the previous 30 minute cooldown.
  • The icon for the Playtime Badge has a picture of the Wealth Clock.
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