Do not violate Fandom's terms of use or encourage other people to, including:

  • Posting or linking to illegal content.
  • Posting or linking to explicit and/or sexual content.
  • Impersonating another person, whether they are a user of this wiki or otherwise.
  • Spamming.
  • Exploiting wiki features to farm badges.

Other rules:

  • Advertising any social media (including YouTube channels, Instagram or Twitter accounts) or wikis isn't allowed and will result in a punishment.
  • Vandalism will result in a warning and/or block.
  • Adding fake content or making false statements and claiming they are true is not allowed (including codes).
  • Editing user profiles that don't belong to you without permission will result in a warning/reminder.
  • Evading a block will result in a longer punishment.
  • If you either create drama or encourage it, you will be blocked.
    • Any discussion post suggesting that you are leaving the wiki may be grounds for a block, dependent on reasoning and purpose.
  • Cursing is not tolerated. Bypasses are also not allowed, regardless of how much they censor the word.
  • Minimodding, or acting like a staff member when not, is not allowed. Report to a real staff member if you find a situation that needs attention.
  • The staff are also enforcing Editing Guidelines on the wiki.

If you get a warning for breaking any of these rules, do not delete said warning. If you do, you will face heavier consequences.

If you got blocked for something that is not listed here, it doesn't mean you did nothing wrong. If you aren't sure why you have been blocked or think the punishment is too severe, contact a staff member.

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