This page is for the Hostile version of Wild Windy Bee. For the tamed version, see Windy Bee.

The Wild Windy Bee is a mini-boss that can spawn in the Dandelion Field, Pineapple Patch, Pumpkin Patch, Mountain Top Field, and Coconut Field.

During the Beesmas event, Wild Windy Bee can also spawn in the Clover Field, Spider Field, Bamboo Field and Pepper Patch in addition to the fields that it normally appears in.

A Wild Windy Bee may spawn naturally or from an offering to the Wind Shrine. If the first line of dialogue from offering to the Wind Shrine is “A sudden breeze sweeps the {item} into the sky" a Wild Windy Bee will spawn in a random field.

It can also be spawned by receiving Spirit Bear's "Tickle The Wind" quest that summons 3 Wild Windy Bees at Mountain Top Field and by completing Spirit Bear's "Space Oblivion" quest that summons a single Wild Windy Bee.

When a Wild Windy Bee spawns, the player needs to find a floating cloud over a field with Windy Bee inside. It will be camouflaged inside the cloud and have a distinct white trail. Touching the Wild Windy Bee in time will initiate the fight. The starting level of Wild Windy Bee upon discovery is random but can only go up to level 6 (unless spawned by Onett).

When Windy Bee starts its attack, all players on the server receive the message: ☁️ (Username of the Player) found Windy Bee in the {Field Name}! ☁️. When the Windy Bee's HP reaches 0, the bee will drop rewards and immediately move to a random field, excluding the Ant Challenge and Stump Field. It leaves successively better rewards behind each time it's forced to move. When it leaves the map after its 5-minute timer elapses, the server states: ☁️ Windy Bee is fleeing... ☁️.

Continuously moving chimes on the Wind Shrine indicate that a Wild Windy Bee is on the map, either camouflaged or fighting in the open.

Attack Pattern and Rewarding

Wild Windy Bee uses 2 different attacks. Its first attack is summoning a tornado that wipes pollen off the field and deals damage every 0.5 seconds. The damage dealt depends on the proximity between the tornado and the player, plus the number of times Wild Windy Bee is defeated. The duration and speed of the tornadoes also depend on the number of times Wild Windy Bee is defeated. There can only be 3 tornadoes on the field at a time. This attack can damage other mobs. The damage will vary from 1-20.

Wild Windy Bee's second attack is forming a gust of wind that blows players away with great force in a rectangular area. It will deal no damage, but the player(s) will be flung away if caught in the rectangular area, unable to deal damage for some time. A red attack indicator is shown for about one second to show where Wild Windy Bee is about to attack. The direction of attack depends on Wild Windy Bee's current position and the position of a randomly targeted player on the field. The size of the attack is based on how far the edge of the field is from where Wild Windy Bee is looking. If Wild Windy Bee cannot detect any players on the field, it will attack in a random direction. This attack is cycled in after Wild Windy Bee creates 3 tornadoes.

Upon defeat, Wild Windy Bee leaves behind a cloud in the middle of the field that regrows flowers (like a cloud vial). Players underneath the cloud gain a 25% pollen boost (50% if the player owns a Gifted Windy Bee) for up to 8 seconds. A ring of tokens then appears underneath Windy Bee like Stick Bug, and each player gets their own loot ring unless the player does not deal enough damage. Afterward, Windy Bee flies off to a different field. Wild Windy Bee will continue doing this for 5 minutes before fleeing.

Every time Wild Windy Bee is defeated, it levels up with more health, similar to Stick Bug. It also has a higher chance of dropping Cloud Vials and rarer items.

Health per Level

The formula to tell how much health Wild Windy Bee has per level is:

Note: This table only goes up to level 25. If you want to go beyond that, use the formula shown above. However, do not add more to this.

Level Health
1 500
2 1,250
3 2,500
4 4,250
5 6,500
6 9,250
7 12,500
8 16,250
9 20,500
10 25,250
11 30,500
12 36,250
13 42,500
14 49,250
15 56,500
16 64,250
17 72,500
18 81,250
19 90,500
20 100,250
21 110,500
22 121,250
23 132,500
24 144,250
25 156,500


Every time Wild Windy Bee is defeated, the following rewards may be dropped. Defeating Wild Windy Bee too many times in a day will greatly weaken drops. The value of drops depends on how much damage the player deals to it (For example, If a Wild Windy Bee has 1000 health, two players are fighting it and one deals 200 damage and the other 800, the second player would get better rewards).

The rewards below are no longer obtainable.



  • Onett would sometimes spawn Wild Windy Bee in fields where it wouldn't spawn in, usually to help grow sprouts that he also spawns.
  • The player can tell if a Wild Windy Bee is in a field when the wind chimes of the Wind Shrine are continuously moving.
  • This is the fifth mob to have non-fixed levels, the first four being ants, Rogue Vicious Bee, Stick Bug, and stick nymphs.
  • Windy Bee and Vicious Bee are the only bosses/mobs that are bees, Vicious Bee’s counterpart being Rogue Vicious Bee.
  • It is possible for more than one Wild Windy Bee to spawn in a single server at once.
  • If the timer above the Windy Bee ends before it generates the reward tokens, it will leave without making any rewards. However, if it has already started producing the tokens, it will continue to spawn them as Windy Bee flees.
  • Similar to Rogue Vicious Bee's impale attack, the tornado can deal damage to other mobs.
  • While this mob is generally referred to as just Windy Bee, quests call this bee by its full title.
  • Like mythic meteor showers, the quality of its rewards are affected by the law of diminishing marginal utility, meaning that the more times the player has experienced Wild Windy Bees in one day, the worse the rewards gradually get throughout the day.
  • If the player does not touch the cloud Wild Windy Bee is in for a while, it will despawn, similar to the way it despawns after its timer has run out.
  • Unlike the Rogue Vicious Bee, the Wild Windy Bee does not have gifted variant.
  • It is possible to be flung out of the map from Wild Windy Bee's gust attack.
  • If you look carefully when a Wild Windy Bee is in its cloud, you can see its level it will spawn as.
  • At the end of Beesmas 2020, Onett spawned a couple of Wild Windy Bees called "The Windy Gang".
  • Although it is usually impossible to fight Wild Windy Bee in Stump Field, Onett has spawned some here before. If he does this, the Windy Bees freezes in the air upon defeat until the timer is up as they are not programmed to fly to any other field from Stump Field.
  • This is the only mob/enemy that can knock players back.
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